Baptisms in the Village of Bergen in New Jersey 1686


NoDateChildParentsWitnesses & Sponsors
154bo. Nov. 7
bp. Apr. 6
DierckjeCornelis Roelofse  Maddaleena van GiesenTonis Roelof Dirckje Cornelis
155bp. Apr. 6AertjeJan Hermense  Neeltje JansJan Cornelise Buys, Reyckje Hermenz
156bp. Apr. 6RagelAbraham Dutoiet  Jannetje BokeeJacob Jacobse, Grietje Jacobs
157bp. Apr. 6MareytjeTonis Janse Spier  Catreyna ThomasWillem Jansen and his wife
158 PruisCasper Cornelise  Susanna Neeltje JansJohannes Spier, Maddaleentje Jans, Catreyna Magielse
159 Josias Reynier Josiassen van Roen  Constantina van de SwalmeGerbrant Claese and his wife
160bp. Apr. 6HendrickGielam Bertolf  Marteyntje HendrickseEleyas Magielse, Catreyna Magielse
161 CatreynAnthoni Lacomba  Steyntje JansLourus Ackerman, Hillitje Jans
162 PreyntjeFransoys de Smidt  Cateleyntje CoetensAbraham Bokee, Ariaentje Magielse
163 SymonSymon Jacobse  Annetje Ariaense SipsJohannes Steynmets, Joanna Vandevoorst
164bo. June 25
Annetje1Gerrit Steynmets Vroutje Claes 
165bo. June 25
JohannasJacob Jacobse van Winkel   Aeltje Daniels 
166bp. Oct. 11CasperusCristoffel Steynmets Jannetje Gerrits Johannes Steynmets, Annetje Hermens
167 JacobArien Pieterse Buys  Treyntje HendrickseJan Hermensen, Grietje Jacobs
168 DirckJohannes Magielse Vreelant  Claesje Dirckse BraackMetje Dirckse, Elyas Magielse Vreelant

1 Born 3 A.M. at the Hasymus.
2 Baptized at New York

The Holland Society. Year Books of the Holland Society of New York. New York: The Holland Society. 1913.

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