Baptisms in the Village of Bergen in New Jersey 1668 – 1673


NoDateChildParentsWitness & Sponsors
23 bp. July 8 Dirck  Hendrick Reycken Eytje Jacobs Hans Didericke, Janneke Edsall
24 Jannetje Thomas Fredrickse Merreytje Ariaens Jan Loserecht Aennetje Hermens
25bp. Oct. 4Aennetje Tys Lubberts Treyntje JansHendrick Reycken, Maddaleentje Jans



NoDateChildParentsWitness & Sponsors
26bp. Feb. 17 Annetje Jan Straetmaker, Geesje GerritsGuert Gerrits, Janneke Edsall
27  Jacob Pieter Janse Slot Merritje JacobsMagiel Tades Grietje Jacobs
28bp. Feb. 17 Annetje Jan Evertse Kerseboom Grietje JaspersCornelis Abrahamse, Merritje Jacobs


NoDateChildParentsWitness & Sponsors
29bp. Mar. 24 Beelitje Dirck Janse van vogsten Elysabet CornelisPieter Mersilise, with his wife
30bp. June 23 Gerritje Matheus Cornelise Anna LubiGerrit Gerritse, Gerritje Cornelis
31bp. Oct. 9 Annetje Jan Evertse Kerseboom Grietje JaspersGerrit Gerritse, Merritje Jacobz
32bp. Oct. 9 Zara 
Mr. Samuel Edsall Jenneke EdsallWarnaer Wessels, Elyas Magielse Jannetje Magielse

The Holland Society. Year Books of the Holland Society of New York. New York: The Holland Society. 1913.

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