Revolutionary War Soldiers and Military History of Jaffrey, NH

The following Jaffrey soldiers in the Revolution are mentioned in the state report :

Ephraim Adams,
Samuel Adams,
Thomas Adams,
George Atridge,
Daniel Avery,
Joseph Bates,
Jonathan Blodgett,
John Briant,
Alpheus Brigham,
Asaph Brigham,
Joseph Brooks,
Simeon Burt,
Joseph Cutter,
Moses Cutter,
Nathan Cutter,
James Cutter,
John Davidson,
Matthew Davis,
Jonathan Dean,
Benjamin Dole,
John Dole,
Hugh Dunlap,
Daniel Emery,
Daniel Emery, Jr.,
James French, Jr.
Robert Gilmore,
John. Gilmore,
Dudley Griffin,
Jacob Gould, Jr.,
John Hale,
Lieut. John Harper,
Daniel Harper,
Ebenezer Hathorn,
James Haywood,
Ebenezer Ingalls,
Benjamin Jaquith,
John Matthews,
William McAlister,
Samuel Ober,
William Osgood,
Benjamin Prescott,
Moses Peabody,
Joseph Perkins,
Jacob Pierce,
Kendal Pierson,
William Pope,
Jonathan Priest,
Asa Priest,
Oliver Proctor,
James Reed,
Abraham Ross,
Bezaleel Sawyer,
Jesse Snow,
Michael Silk,
William Smiley, Jr., died in service at Tinconderoga, 1776. Phineas Spaulding,
Benjamin Spaulding,
Jonathan Stanley,
Samuel Stanley,
James Stevens,
John Stone,
Benjamin Stone,
John Taggert,
Jonathan Taylor,
Peter Tower,
Lieut. William Turner,
Samuel Weir,
Joseph Wilder,
Ezra Wilder,
Ephraim Whitcomb,
Elias Whitney,
Cotton Whiton,
Francis Wright.

The following is a list of the soldiers who settled here during or after the war:

Stephen Adams,
Lieut. Oliver Bacon,
Isaac Bailey,
Isaac Bailey, Jr.,
Hart Hatch,
Jacob Baldwin,
Lieut. Samuel Buss,
John Cox,
Thomas Dalton,
William Emery,
Samuel Emery,
Nathan Fish,
Thomas Fisk,
Jonas Gerry,
Thomas Goff,
Nathan Hunt,
John Lake,
Lieut. Benjamin Lawrence,
Francis Mason,
Lieut Abel Parker,
Whitcomb Powers,
William Redfield,
Joseph Robbins,
Moses Stickney,
Moses Stickney, 2d,
Samuel Stickney,
David Stratton,
James Turner,
Henry Thompson,
Lieut. Jereme Underwood,
Isaac Wesson,
Ithamer Wheelock,
Thomas Wheelock,
Silas Wilder,
Abel Winship,
Joseph Wright.

In the war of 1812, nineteen soldiers were sent to the support of Portsmouth, and two, David Cutter and George F. Cutter, served in the Mexican war. In the late civil war the town furnished 151 men, five of whom were killed in battle and twenty-three died of wounds or disease while in the service.

Hurd, Duane Hamilton. History of Cheshire and Sullivan counties, New Hampshire. Philadelphia: J. W. Lewis. 1886.

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