Biography of David E. Farwell

David E. Farwell, one of the most extensive farmers of Charlestown, N.H., his native place, was born March 20, 1845, the youngest son of George and Aurilla (Brownell) Farwell. He is of the seventh generation in descent from John and Priscilla (Mullens) Alden, of the “Mayflower” company, who were married in Plymouth probably in 1621. [For further notes of ancestry see sketch of Jesse H. Farwell .] Mr. Farwell’s great-grandfather, William Farwell, who was born in 1712, was one of the first settlers in Charlestown, coming from Mansfield, Conn. He died here, December 11, 1801. His children by his wife, Bethiah Eldridge, were: William, born in Mansfield in 1749; Phoebe; Gladian; Edwin; and Jesse. William Farwell, Jr., was one of the first in New Hampshire to accept the doctrine of Universalism. Though his opportunities for an education were meagre, he was gifted with a quick intellect and a retentive memory, and was one of the best qualified 1790 and 1795 was converted to Universalism, and was probably the first to preach it in Vermont, there being only two other preachers in the State at that time. The Rev. William Farwell lived for some time in Barre, Vt. He married Miss Phoebe Crosby.

Jesse Farwell, David E. Farwell’s grandfather, was born August 15, 1768. He was a brickmaker by trade, but devoted a great part of his life to farming, the Charlestown homestead coming into his possession. He was foremost in every movement for advancing the interests of the town; and as a liberal-minded, public-spirited citizen his memory is cherished by the old residents of the town. He died October 28, 1844. Jesse Farwell married Abigail Allen, and they reared the following children: Bethiah, born December 3, 1793, who died June 12, 1874; Peggy, born October 17, 1795, who became the wife of Asa Meacham; William, born August 11, 1797, who married Sophia Putnam, and died in Buffalo, N.Y., June 21, 1862; George, the father of David E. Farwell; Melinda, born 1797, who died May 11, 1803; Lewis, born September 16, 1806, who married Sylvia Sturtevant; Melinda, born September, 1809, who married Joseph Denison, and died in July, 1848; Eldridge, born March 13, 1812, who died in Buffalo, N.Y., January 27, 1864; and Matilda, born August 30, 1814, who married Seth Meacham October 22, 1836.

George Farwell was born in Charlestown, June 27, 1804. He always resided on the homestead, which he eventually inherited. One of the stirring farmers and prominent citizens of the town, a thoroughly upright man, he was honorable in his business transactions, and was highly esteemed. He was domestic in his habits, and had no desire for public office. In religion Mr. George Farwell was a Universalist. He died November 15, 1875. His wife, Aurilla Brownell Farwell, was born March 25, 1804, and died February 20, 1888. They were the parents of the following children: John H., born February 3, 1830, now in Chicago, Ill.; James H., born February 2, 1832, a resident of Stockton, Cal.; Jesse H., born January 2, 1834; Sarah, born October 30, 1836, who died February 12, 1838; Martha, born July 14, 1841, who died September 12, 1843; and David E., the subject of this sketch.

David E. Farwell was educated in the public schools of Charlestown, beginning at an early age to assist his father on the farm. He succeeded to its ownership after his father’s death, and has since managed the property with ability and success. He owns one hundred and seventy-five acres of land, which is devoted to general farming, dairying, and stock-raising; and for the past twenty years he has been engaged extensively in lumbering. Mr. Farwell owns the Horace Metcalf mills in Charlestown and a tract of timber land in Unity, N.H. He was married March 20, 1869, to Etta M., daughter of Charles Barker, of Charlestown. In politics a Democrat, like the rest of his family, he takes an active part in town matters. He was on the School Board two terms, and served as Selectman one year. In religion Mr. Farwell is of the Universalist faith.



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