Biography of Charles A. Newton

Charles A. Newton, a well-to do farmer of Unity and an exmember of the State legislature, was born in Plainfield, July 2, 1854, son of General Charles L. and Mary M. (Gilman) Newton. His grandfather, Rufus Newton, was a native of Grafton, Mass., who settled upon a farm in Plainfield, and there resided for the rest of his life. Rufus married Polly Ryder, and reared a family of five children, who are all living. They are: Charles L., Rufus G., Francis J., Adeline, and Ann.

Charles L. Newton was born in Plainfield. When a young man he engaged in farming. He resided in his native town until 1859, when he moved to a farm in Unity; and the rest of his life was spent in this town. He was an able farmer and a citizen of more than ordinary worth and ability. He attained prominence in military affairs, and ranked as Majorgeneral in the State militia. General Newton died January 21, 1865. His wife, Mary M. Gilman Newton, was born in Unity, daughter Sewell and Deborah (Comstock) Gilman, natives respectively of Unity and Newport, N.H. Sewell Gilman, who was a prosperous farmer, died June 10, 1855; and his wife died January 26, 1869. Their children were: Henrietta, Sylvester, Randolph, Mary M., and Henry. Of these the only survivor is Mary M., who resides with her son. She has had two children, namely: Annie H., born May 28, 1849, who died November 3, 1869; and Charles A., the subject of this sketch.

Charles A. Newton, having begun his education in Unity, completed it by attending school in Meriden for two terms. His father’s death, which occurred when Charles was about eleven years old, caused him to undertake the management of the farm while still young; and his early experience has proved exceedingly beneficial to him. He now owns two hundred acres of fertile land, which he devotes to general farming and dairying; and he keeps an average of fifteen cows. In politics he is a Democrat, and he is a leading spirit in local affairs. He was a Selectman in 1887, Supervisor for a number of years, and represented this district in the legislature in 1889 and 1890. He was Chairman of the Board of Selectmen from 1891 to 1897, and he has been Moderator at town meetings for the past six years.

On February 17, 1886, Mr. Newton was united in marriage with Speedie A. Clough. She was born in Newport, February 17, 1865, daughter of Reuben M. and Sarah (Griffin) Clough. The father, who was a native of Unity, died in February, 1888. Mrs. Clough, who was born in Newport, N.H., and is now residing in Unity, has had three children-Abbie, George G., and Speedie A. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Newton are: Charles Stark, born April 19, 1887; Perlie A., born January 20, 1894; and Annie A., born February 22, 1896. Mr. Newton is an Odd Fellow of Sugar River Lodge, No. 55, and Stony Brook Encampment, of Newport; and he is connected with Sunapee Mountain Grange, Patrons of Husbandry, of Goshen, of which he was Master in 1896.



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