Biographical Sketch of Archibald Robertson

Archibald Robertson, born in Scotland, in 1708, emigrated to America in 1754 with his wife, Elizabeth, and children. He came to Chesterfield, and December 14, 1775, he was chosen to represent Chesterfield and Hinsdale in the provincial congress, that was to assemble at Exeter, the twenty-first of that same month, being the first person ever chosen by the town for such a purpose. James, son of Archibald, came to Chesterfield in 1762, married twice, first, Sarah Bancroft, and second, Mrs. Mary Snow. Ebenezer, one of his large family of children, was born July 7, 1787, married Phila, daughter of Samuel Walker. Noyes, the third child of Ebenezer, was born November 4, 1818, married for his first wife Evaline M., daughter of David Day, and had born to him one son, Edgar, who died at Springfield. Ill., November 13, 1879. He married for his second wife Helen M. Cobb, who bore him two children, Gertrude E., and Cadmen D., both now living in Keene. Mr. Robertson now resides in this town. His wife died July 14, 1883.



Hurd, Duane Hamilton. History of Cheshire and Sullivan counties, New Hampshire. Philadelphia: J. W. Lewis. 1886.

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