The Thunder Tamanois

He who gets the spirit of the Thunder may be almost immune to death by knife or spear wounds. Spul-kaedib when young got the tamano1is of Thunder. He had 17 knife wounds and survived them all. Once when down at Skabalko he and his brother got into an argument with some people which ended in a little battle. The brother got out of it unscathed but Spul-kaedib was badly cut up. His brother got him into a canoe and poled up the river. For several hours he poled and Spul-kaedib, who was lying in the bottom of the canoe, was getting pretty weak, but he made signs that he wanted to get into the water. When about a mile from camp near what is now Hazel, the canoe was pulled on shore and Spul-kaedib rolled into the water. Immediately the skies became clouded-they had been perfectly clear before. Soon rain began to fall, thunder pealed and heavy showers poured into the valley. All of a sudden the storm ceased, the sun came out and Spul-kaedib came out of the water looking like a new man. His wounds healed quickly and so proved that his tamanois was ever looking out for him.

Bruseth, Nels. Indian Stories and Legends of the Stillaguamish and Allied Tribes. 1926.

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