The Creeks

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First among the big creeks was Toli-Dachub (the Pilchuck). Here was game in abundance. The Staku-Hatchu (beaver marsh or lake) near the mouth, elk, deer and bear from the mouth to the headwaters.

Next Klee-ekub, the Deer creek at Oso, the home of Kae-owah, a family of steelhead. Near the mouth of Deer creek was a permanent Indian camp. The families who lived there had another camp near Hazel.

Then further up the river was Kal-ub (the Boulder) the long creek that comes all the way from Queest-Alb (Three Finger mountain)-up where Sweet-lai family lives.

Further up the river was Snakub (French creek), the home of the mountain beaver. Last but not least, Ke-kepalitch (Squire creek), the home of the finest trout. Each of these creeks and the surrounding territory was the particular hunting ground of several families of Indians that happened to live near them.


Bruseth, Nels. Indian Stories and Legends of the Stillaguamish and Allied Tribes. 1926.

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