The Census of the Chickasaw Nation

The census of the Chickasaw Nation shows a total of 57,399. The nation was divided into 15 districts by highroads, rivers, and railroads. Panola County was divided into 2 districts and showed a total population of 2,879; Pickens county, or the state of Pickens, as it is called here, was divided into 8 districts and showed a population of 40,299; Pontotoc County was divided into 3 districts and showed a population of 9,135; Tishomingo County was divided into 9 districts and showed a population of 5,016. Mach difficulty was had in getting good men for the work. Almost the entire list of 15 names first recommended by the governor was rejected, as they were officeholders under the Chickasaw government and could not serve on our work. Of the second list of 10 names a number were rejected as incompetent. The 10 enumerators who did the work were Indians and whites. In all cases men were chosen who were perfectly familiar with the districts in which they were to work. No dissatisfaction with the enumeration was heard anywhere. The work was thoroughly and conscientiously done. Most of the white men and some of the Indians were very rapid workers.

The Chickasaw legislature of 1890 authorized a census to be taken of the Chickasaw Nation. The work commenced about September 1, 1890, and was discontinued November 1, 1300. The census was not completed. The Chickasaw schedules contained 7 questions: first, names of heads of families; second, post office address; third, age; fourth, children, whether males or females; fifth, Chickasaws or Choctaws by marriage or blood; sixth, whether United States citizens under permit, intruder, United States Negro, or Indian Negro; seventh, total members of family. As some of the questions touched upon the white man’s right in the nation they were not very fully answered. No statistics as to crops, livestock, or wealth were taken.


Donaldson, John. The Chickasaw, 11th Census of the United States. Washington, D.C.: Robert P. Porter, Superintendent, US Printing Office. 1892

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