Temiscaming Tribe

Temiscaming Indians (from Nipissing Timikaming, with intrusive s due to Canadian French; sig. ‘in the deep water ‘, from timiw ‘it is deep’ , gaming ‘in the water’ ). A band of Algonkin, closely related to the Abittibi, formerly living about Temiscaming Lake, Quebec. They were friendly to the French, and rendered them valuable service during the attack of the English under Peter Schuyler in 1691. There were 205 in 1903 and 245 in 1910, two-thirds of them half-breeds, on a reservation at the head of Lake Temiscaming, in Pontiac District, Quebec.

Alternate Spellings:

  • Outemiskamegs. Bacqueville de la Potherie, Hist II, 49, 1722.
  • Tamescamengs. McKenney and Hall, Ind. Tribes, III, 82, 1854.
  • Temiscamings. Bellin, map, 1755.
  • Temiscamins. Denonville (1687) in N. Y. Doc. Col. Hist., IX, 361, 1855.
  • Temiskaming. Can. Ind. Aff. Rep., 55, 1906.
  • Temiskamink. Lahontan, New Voy., 1, 231, 1703.
  • Temiskamnik. Lahontan (1703) quoted by Richardson, Arct. Exped., II, 39, 1851.
  • Themiscamings. LaBarre (1683) in N. Y. Doc. Col. Hist., IX, 798, 1855.
  • Themiskamingues. Bacqueville de la Potherie, Hist I, 329, 1722.
  • Themistamens. Du Chesneau (1681) in Margry, Dec., II, 267, 1877.
  • Timigaming. Hennepin, Cont. of New Discov., map, 1698.
  • Timiscamiouetz. Jefferys, Fr. Doms., pt. I, 1761.
  • Timiscimi. Jes. Rel., 1640, 34, 1858.
  • Timiskaming. Baraga, Eng.-Otch. Dict., 301, 1878.
  • Timmisca-mems. Keane in Stanford, Compend., 539, 1878.
  • Tomiscamings. Toussaint, Map of Am., 1839.
  • Temochichi. See Tomochichi.
  • Temoksee. A small Shoshonean tribe formerly in Keese River valley, north central Nevada. Taylor in Cal. Farmer, June 26, 1863.


Quebec Canada,

Hodge, Frederick Webb, Compiler. The Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico. Bureau of American Ethnology, Government Printing Office. 1906.

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