On the Suiathl lived a small but strong tribe. Their last chief was Wah-Wihlkd. These poeple were strong and great hunters, traveling much up in the high country, in summer and fall. There they killed goats, bear and deer, cured and prepared Skabiatch (dried venison), picked Soudahk (huckleberries) and El-el-bihk (blueberries), dried them and brought down to their homes–supplies for the long winter. In the late fall and winter they trapped or snared Shweetlai (the mountain goat), for its meat and hide and long hair; of this hair they made twine and yarn. From the yarn they made the wonderful goat-hair blankets and bags that are:now rarely seen. One house of the Suiathl was located at Tenas creek. It was very strong and had a story-pole in front. A little further up the river was another house, slightly smaller. This house also had a fine story-pole. Near this house was a little creek. Close by the creek was a pit where for years and years the Suiathl had thrown the bones of animals. This pile became big. Balaujah (Bones), that name was given to the little creek. The Suiathl were a branch of the Sauks. The last big chief of the Prairie people was Kwaoutkd, and :he last big chief of the Upper Sauk was Wawatkid.

Bruseth, Nels. Indian Stories and Legends of the Stillaguamish and Allied Tribes. 1926.

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