Samish Indians

Samish Indians. Signification unknown.

Samish Connections. The Samish belonged to the coastal division of the Salishan linguistic family.

Samish Location. On Samish Bay and Samish Island, Guemes Island, and the northwest portion of Fidalgo Island. The Samish were later placed on Lummi Reservation.

Samish Villages

  • Atse’ked, on the south side of the slough at Edison on Samish Bay.
  • Dikwi’bthl.
  • Gunguna’la, on Guemes Island facing west toward Cypress Island.
  • Hwaibathl, at Anacortes.
  • Kwalo’l, at Summit Park on Fidalgo Bay.
  • Nukhwhaiimikhl, on the southwest side of Guemes Island.

The name of the last village listed above is from Gibbs (1877) and may be another name for Gunguna’la, and Gibbs’ Aseakum is perhaps Atse’ked.

Samish Population. Mooney (1928) estimates the Samish tribe, together with the Lummi and Nooksack, at 1,000 in 1780. No later estimate is given.

Connection in which the Samish  Indians have become noted. Samish River, Samish Bay, Samish Island, and a post hamlet on Bellingham Bay perpetuate the name of the Samish Indians.

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