Jones Academy, Additions and Quarterly Reports, 1906

Districts 1-4, Additions, 1906

First District, Coal County

Arthur Johnston12
Eddie Sloan13

Gaines County

John Battles14
George Battles8
Rocoe York12
Osborne Pusley15
Joshua Pusley15
Ellis Jefferson7
Douglas Jones15
Henry Wesley11
Abel Brown13
Richard Riddle18
John Riddle14
Eddie Riddle12
Sam Ross15
Joshua James13
Alexander McKinney13
Wesley Humby10
Anderson Lewis18
Clarence Willis13
San Bois County
Simon Dwight18
Jesse Beams12
Swinny Bond18
David Jackson13
Isaac Thomas18
Columbus Garland17
John Taylor16
Robert Noel17
Frank Ross13
James Hunt14
James Austin15
Oliver Beck7
John Beck9
Milo Beck7
Charlie Folsom16
Eli Hulsey14
Cepas Scott14

Scullyville County

Henry Watkins16
Walter Trahern17
Travis Williams13
Wingie Watkins15
Lon Dobson16
Tom Walls15
Polie Moore16
David Ward16
Ed Lanier17
James McClain15

Sugar Loaf County

Dave Colbert17
Willie Harris14
Willie Burns17
Jefferson Goin11
Ben Thompson19
Mitchell McCurtain13
Archie Wilson13
Israel Jones9

Second District Additions, 1906

Second District Wade County

Alfred Burney18
Charlie Sexton14
Nicholas Bohanan18
Austin James18
Wolf County
Raymos McCoy16
Tecumseh Columbus15
Edmond Wilson14
Jeff Hicks11
Coleman Baker14
Rufus Hudson17
Eagle County
Williamson Thomas16

Towson County

Marcus Battice19
Charlie Townsend13
Crockett Wright16

Cedar County

Eli Bohanan14
Henry Thompson17
Tommie Harrison8

Third District Addition, 1906

Atoka County
Benjamin Byington16
Sam Jackson15
Joseph Wiles19
Amos Byington16
Caston Prommer12

Blue County

Jimmie Killingsworth15
Colbert Intolubbee17
Kelsey Williams15
Silas Loring15
Lewis Frye15
Enoch Horne16
Theodore Benton15
Joseph Wright15

Jack Fork County

Sam Lewis12
Titus Cole20
James Baker18
Isom Billy19
Alexander Noah15
Jesse Locke11
Tandy Wall16
Raison Anderson17
Joe Spring18
Simeon Anderson8
Johnson Lewis17
Cornelius Bond17
Jackson County
Willie Gardner16
Ausbon Jones18
George Hunter17
Jerry Dwight17
Rogers Jones17

Kiamitia County

Jimmie Parker12
Israel Morris18
Willie Nelson16
Willie Robuck14
Belshazzar McEntyre18
George Oakes16
Jacob Homer15

Jones Academy, Quarterly Report, 1906

Atoka County

Carl Davis14
Charles Plato18
McGee Woods16
Joseph Wilson17
Warty Plato13
N—– Blue8
Blue County
Theodore Benton14
Lewis Frye14
Colbert Intolubbe16
Enoch Homer14
Kelsey Williams14
David Folsom16
Silas Loring15
John Folsom17

Coal County

Andrew Pitchlynn16
Henry Heskett16
Willie Flinchum15
Cedar County
Thomas Harrison8
Henry Thompson18
Sam Frazier17

Eagle County

Adkin Bobb12
Williamson Thomas16
Gaines County
Osborne Pusly13
John Battles13
Alexander McKinney12
Gibson Brown16
Aestmon Nelson18
Richard Riddle17
Heary Wesley13
George Beagles17
Anderson Lewis17
Sam Ross14
Joshua James12
Henry Puslyno age listed
Jack Fork County
Raison Anderson15
Ben Locke11
Buddie McKinney16
Simon Nelson10
Jacob Frazier11
Alexander Noah14
Tandy Walls15
Buddie Anderson20
Isom Billy18
Jackson County
Osborne Jones17
Allen LeFlore16
Will Gardner15
Rogers Jones15
Jerry Dwight17
George Hunter16
Kiamishi County
Henry Collins16
Rober Fisher15
Edgar Miller17
Tobias Robinson16
Jacob Rosenthal12
Simeon Anderson10
Joe Spring18
Belshazzer McEntyre18
Red River County
Ben Goin15
Daniel Walker13
Thomas Byington17
Style Harley19
Sugar Loaf County
Henry Harris15
Benjamin Thompson17
John Benton16
N.P. McCurtain9

Skullyville County

Calvin Jefferson18
Jeff Wilkins18
Travis Williams12
Walter Trahern17
David Ward15
Herbert Moore17
Robert Welsh17
Leonidas Dobson15

San Bois County

Swinney Bond17
James Austen14
Cephas Scott12
Frank Garland14
Willie Martin15
Robert Noel16
Edmund Frazier15

Towson County

Charles Townsend10
Marcus Battice18
Wade County
Nicholas Bohanan17
Archibald Beames20
Austin James19
Charlie Sexton13
Wolf County
Tecumseh Columbus14
Carnay John17
Raymus McCoy16
Rufus Hudson16
Edmund Wilson11
Jeff Hayes10

Boktuklo Co

According to a notation, no children from were enrolled there at that time.

Quarterly Report for First District

Judging from the names of the students compared with the year 1906, this quarterly could have been taken in 1905 or 1906.
Gaines County
Columbus ErwinEddie Riddle
Joshua JamesAlexander McKinney
Clarence WillisJoshua Pusley
Richard RiddleAbel Brown
Perry WillisJohn Riddle

Sugar Loaf County

Jeff GoingIsrael Jones
Victor DavisElam Conser
Mitchell McCurtainWillie Burns
Lenard GillmanBen Thompson
John BentonWalter McClure
Joseph Conser

Scullyville County

Henry LanieTravis Williams
David WardHenry Watkins
Wingie WatkinsJeff Wilkins
Tom WallsLon Dobson
Polie Moore

San Bois County

Davis JacksonJohn Taylor
Simon DwightWillie Martin
James AustinJesse Beams
Hames HuntEdmund Frazier
Tobucksy County
James ColemanDavid McKey
Coleman WardWallace Bond
Eddie LittleFrank Bond
Henry KellyEddie Sloan
Jesse JamesLuther Winchester

Quarterly Report Third District

Wade County

Joshua AndersonJesse Bryant
? DanceHoward Frazier
Harris ThompsonGilbert Words
Charles SextonEdwin Dukes
Cedar County
George DavenportRobert Jefferson
Grant NowatobiHenry Thompson
Mack McKenzieJames Wilson

Wolf County

Davis LefloreEdmund Wilson
Coleman BakerJeff Hicks
Tecumseh ColumbusRufus Hudson
Towson County
Walter PharisSam Pebsworth
John FowlerGeorge Wilson
Charles Townsend
Bok Tuklo County
Stephen CrosbyDavid James
Wilson Hickman

Eagle County

Williamson ThomasAtkin Bobb
Red River County
Harris WardDaniel Walker
Davis McKinneyThomas Byington
Ben GhoringJames Tushka
Students receiving parental support
Eddie RiddleWallace Brice
Students names listed with the notation “Muskogee” beside them
John RiddlePolie Moore
Edmund FrazierEdwin Dukes
Kiamatia County
Alex McIntoshBelshazzer McEntyre
Joe SpringIsrael Morris
Jacob RosenthalWillie Robuck
Willie Nelson
Jackson County
Robert ChubbieJerry Dwight
Peter WilsonWillie Jones
Blue County
Calvin BryantColbert Intolubbee
Kelsey WilliamsWillie McClure
Silas LoringJohn Williams

Atoka County

Sam JacksonClaude Hodges
Amos ByingtonJoe Wilson
Caston PammerCharles Plato
Jacks Fork County
Tandy WallJohan Billy
Robert E. LeeCornelius Bond
Alexander NoahIsham Allen
Johnson LewisJulius Bohanan


Choctaw Nation,

McLillan, Ruthie Choctaw Nation Schools in 1904. Web. AccessGenealogy. 2007.

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