Sioux Chief Sitting Bull

Indian Biographies

Biographies are a good source of information on our ancestors.  They can be used as a tool to provide facts: names, dates and locations for the events in our ancestors lives. They can also provide “meat” for genealogical research, and by that we mean the story behind the person – events which shaped and molded the character of a person.

You should never accept what is written in a biography as absolutely truth.  Take into consideration who wrote the information, who provided the information, when it was written and where it was written. Starting with where it was written, you may be able to use a census record, a birth or death record, family bible, or a living family member for your research. What we’re trying to emphasize is for you to do your due diligence with the facts from these biographies, especially when dealing with Indian biographies.

Indian biographies are difficult to prove as they were usually written by a complete stranger, and are often based on long told stories.

We have put a great number of biographical information online, both Native American and general biographies, and have gone through all of them and provided links to the one’s specific to Native American.  In this list you will find duplicate names, however, each biography will be from a different source and often complement the other.

Indian Biographies

Collection: Indian Biographies.

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