Frank T. Swift Enrollment Card

Guide to Using the Final Rolls

These pages can be searched to discover the enrollee’s name, age, sex, blood degree, type, census card number and roll number. Check the headings in each column. The letter guide was furnished by the National Archives. These letters can appear both on Type and Roll number

A – Adopted
AD- Adopted Delaware
D – Doubtful or denied
F – Freedman
FD – Freedman, doubtful or denied
FM – Freedman, minor
FRR – Freedman, rejected
IW – Intermarried White
MCR – Mississippi Choctaw Rejected
NR – Not Registered, Non Resident
O – Owner*
OS – Old Series** Old Settler
P – Parent


*Owner – at one time a slave

Old Series – At one time this person had another card and the information was transferred to a new card. Some Search Hints

Frank T. Swift Enrollment Card
Frank T. Swift Enrollment Card

These suggestions are offered in hopes it will make your search more fruitful. Reading here is the key element to a successful search, and I am going to provide a couple examples of what can happen if you read, search and apply for Packets. Click on the links so you can see how you can made this search. I found Frank T. Swift #D288 (D, meaning doubtful) clicked on his census card number and you find his family. I had a copy of his census card which is the image included on this page, Here is where the reading comes in. If you look at the bottom of the card you will find the hand written note:

Feb. 3, 1909 in accordance with the decision of the Commission of Jan. 15, 1903, No’s 1-5 incl. are transferred to Cherokee card #10078


Now look up Frank T. Swift #10078, click on his you now have a list of Frank and his family. You also know they were not denied or doubtful. Without the census card the search is a little more difficult, but if you just follow through with the census card numbers, you will find that some that were doubtful, denied, or rejected can change. You do need an  idea of your ancestors name and tribe, before you can make any kind of search that will be useful to your research.



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15 thoughts on “Guide to Using the Final Rolls”

  1. hello I have been trying to track down which Mary Davis my family comes from I have searched her in the final roles but there is 9 Mary Davis in the system her full name was Mary Elizabeth Davis franks surname Davis , her daughters name was lela ann franks , and her daughter was mary Elizabeth baxter cradduck which had a son named ruel frances cradduck he had a son named jesse lanzo cradduck he had a daughter named michelle cradduck and that’s my mom. we live in Oklahoma if that helps I need to find out which mary davis im related to and use that role number.thanks

  2. Looking back on maybelle adams from Cairo, IL. Her father or grandfather was Davy Crockett Adams that was in trail of tears relocation. Maybelle died in 1930 after census but no prior census found for her marrying Hubert Jones in Missouri. Had children from 1910 to 1930 but census shows nothing. How can I track backwards?

  3. I’m looking for my Great, Great, Grandmother Julia Williams. Born approximately 1830 in Alabama. She supposedly applied to be recognized among the five civilized tribes along with her son Samuel Grant. I was previously given Case #526 and Choctaw.. index 1896… by a researcher years ago, but have not been able to find the file it anywhere. A Goings name comes up at 526.
    In the Dawes list on this page today, I see several Julia Williams.. Roll 2048 (pg 632), roll 13012 (pg 86), Roll 2636 (page 605), roll 2630 (pg 605)….but when I click on roll number, it takes me to a generic/sample page.
    How can I get to the information I’m looking for?


  4. I have the enrollment card signed by the mother and countersigned by government officials. I cannot seem to figure out how to look up the roll entries properly. I have the corresponding roll numbers.

  5. My Last name is Copley but My Mother’s Maiden name is Baker I was always told she was a true full blood Cherokee and I have found her family goes back to the last name Wolfe with an e and Wolf without the E’ I truly want to find out more about how much Indian I am and learn more about the Indians in my family tree

  6. Is there a way to use your current Indian care to trace back family members back to the scrolls the last few generations of my family were screwups and changed marriages and names like seasons. I’ve never met my true grandfather on either side of family I’ve met one grandmother and she died when I was 5 but she is the one who registered me a Cherokee Indian. Her name was Louis Sinclaire I always called her grandmama so I don’t know her maiden name, but I know sinclaire was her husband at the time but he is not my blood grandfather if I could find out who my grandmamas parents were I might be able to find something out. Plz let me kno if you know a way to trace back to the Dawes scrolls by using your Indian card reg# or something ?

  7. My Grandfather’s name is Darden Leslie Wright – his only brother was Columbus Frank Wright, they both came from Mississipi. Their father, my great grandfather was a full Cherokee – I don’t know his name but he came from the same area. Can anyone help me? How do I go about finding more information? Thank you

  8. Looking for info on my Choctaw lineage, family last names Whitlow, Lewis, Starke, Gates, Martin, and possibly Kolb.
    areas of interest,
    Tallapoosa, Alabama
    Virginia, Georgia, and Texas

    Any info helps, thank you

    1. Dominic Edgar Boutte

      Hi this is Dominic Edgar Boutte my Grandfather was born in Oklahoma he was Cherokee and Choctaw his family took a French last name after The French and Indian War being Edgar Boutte having trouble finding proof of this. Where do I Start. My Grandmother Florence Drina Lim Boutte Was born in TAKU Alaska in 1901 but having trouble not knowing where to Start to locate her Heritage she was adopted by the family LIM in 1901 in TAKU Alaska and took up the Korean last name LIM from MABEL LIM. Can you help me find them Please. Dominic Edgar Boutte. 1 909 261 3614

  9. I’d like to ask for my grandpas Dawes number please I’m trying to start a training program at work for minorities and can’t until I get my cdib card and my grandpa was full blooded his name is Clint Davis /Chavis and he’s from South Carolina he’s dead and my mom is Kimberly Ann Davis she’s half I’m a quarter my name is robert heckman I have s chain of certificates

  10. My fourth great grandfather is on the list martin sexton choctaw by blood! What information can I find out threw this? I’ve been working on my family tree with my mother for years, great bonding time for us! It would be great to show her more of the information she has been looking for, especially since she has advance stage cancer… any help/information would be greatly appreciated!


  11. Looking for Chancy N Jordan 3rd great great great grandfather. Born in Stewart Tennessee. My grandmother’s on my Mother’s side surname Jordan. Should be on the Dawes roll. But I have looked. Moses Adams on Chotaw census. Thomas Toby Adams his son, also on the Choctaw final roll. He is my 2nd great grandfather. Please help. I would be appreciative. Thank you Hazel

  12. Hell this wonderful I been working on my Mom side for ever. Johnny Moore is my Mom grand father on my Mom dad side. I been searching for Jhonny Moore and his Wife Josephine Moore I don’t no her Maiden name please need help.BrithCertificate, JJohnny mom was a Indian of some kind lead to the Indian Cherokee to send it near Mississippi

  13. Eddie D Brooks, Sr.

    My Great, Great, Great GrandMother Name Jane Brooks Born in 1832 in Washington County , Alabama and have 2 sons Jim & William Brooks both was born in Washington county , Alabama. Jim Brooks was born in 1865 during the civil war and william Brooks in 1868 in washington county. Jane Brooks has a younger sisster name Sara Brooks which has 4 children in 1865. Jim Brooks has a wife name Anna and a son name Walter C. Brooks my Grandfather was born in 1895 in Geneva county Alabama and a wife name Rose Brooks in 1926 when my
    father was born Feb 26, 1926 name J.T. BROOKS.

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