Frank T. Swift Enrollment Card

Guide to Using the Final Rolls

These pages can be searched to discover the enrollee’s name, age, sex, blood degree, type, census card number and roll number. Check the headings in each column. The letter guide was furnished by the National Archives. These letters can appear both on Type and Roll number

A – Adopted
AD- Adopted Delaware
D – Doubtful or denied
F – Freedman
FD – Freedman, doubtful or denied
FM – Freedman, minor
FRR – Freedman, rejected
IW – Intermarried White
MCR – Mississippi Choctaw Rejected
NR – Not Registered, Non Resident
O – Owner*
OS – Old Series** Old Settler
P – Parent


*Owner – at one time a slave

Old Series – At one time this person had another card and the information was transferred to a new card. Some Search Hints

Search Military Records - Fold3
Frank T. Swift Enrollment Card
Frank T. Swift Enrollment Card

These suggestions are offered in hopes it will make your search more fruitful. Reading here is the key element to a successful search, and I am going to provide a couple examples of what can happen if you read, search and apply for Packets. Click on the links so you can see how you can made this search. I found Frank T. Swift #D288 (D, meaning doubtful) clicked on his census card number and you find his family. I had a copy of his census card which is the image included on this page, Here is where the reading comes in. If you look at the bottom of the card you will find the hand written note:

Feb. 3, 1909 in accordance with the decision of the Commission of Jan. 15, 1903, No’s 1-5 incl. are transferred to Cherokee card #10078


Now look up Frank T. Swift #10078, click on his you now have a list of Frank and his family. You also know they were not denied or doubtful. Without the census card the search is a little more difficult, but if you just follow through with the census card numbers, you will find that some that were doubtful, denied, or rejected can change. You do need an  idea of your ancestors name and tribe, before you can make any kind of search that will be useful to your research.



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