Genealogy of the Cherokee Riley Family

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111629314Alice Forrester. N. A. Mallery and John Hohenstein
2Annie Elizabeth Forrester. Levi Parish
11629314James Madison Carter*
2Jennie Carter*
3Nellie Carter* Talbert McNair
4Richard R. Carter*
11721314William Keys. Martha Brewster
2James McDaniel Keys. Nancy Jane Mayes
3John Keys*
4Ellen Keys*
5Lewis Shell Keys. Elizabeth Haseltine Taylor
6Joanna Keys. Moses Benona Hunley and William Patrick Heffernan
11725314Mary Eunice Keys. Hamilton Balentine
2Lydia Emma Keys. Charles Johnson Kavanaugh Taylor
OK3Fannie Myrtle Keys. James Andrew Leforce
4Sarah Ann Keys. Samuel Leforce
5Elizabeth Riley Keys. Orin Giteau Althy and John M. Chumley
6Monroe Amory Keys. Martha Donnelly
7Lucy Keys. John B. Miles
11726314Martha Belle Riley. John Porter Thurman
11821314Charles Brady* Nannie Roberson
2Adelaide Brady. William Wallace Freshower, Thomas Fox Brewer, Wiley McNair Guilliams and Richard Lafayette Sutherlin
OK3William Brady. Caroline Smith* and Martha Hensley
11822314Owen Webber*
2Elizabeth Perdue. Jack Risner
OK3Nannie Perdue. John Robison
4Caroline Perdue* Jack Risner
5Eliza Perdue* John Allen
11823314Joseph Freshower. Mary Clark
2William Wallace Freshower. Adelaide Brady
OK3Henry Clay Freshower*
4Lucy Jane Freshower*
5Malinda Coats* James Case
6Samuel Coats. Cora Wattenberger and Alice Craig
11826314Margaret Brady. William Henry Allison
2William Wallace Brady


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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1 thought on “Genealogy of the Cherokee Riley Family”

  1. I am curious about a certain Barnabas Riley (1797-1848) who lived in Mulberry Grove, Bond co.,Illinois. His birth is listed as Cherokee County, Georgia 1797. His father was James Riley (1776-1850) born in Cravens, South Carolina. His mother Sarah Wilson. Could Barnabas in any way be related to the Cherokee Rileys??? I found James father as Danger Riley (1745-1781)…Thank you
    Marvin Gum

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