Genealogy of the Cherokee Riley Family

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2John Drew Laeey. Mary Doherty nee Pettit and Lucy Frances Prunty
OK3Delilah Lacey*
4Sarah Belle Lacey. Robert T. Thornton, George J. Salle
111322314Georgia Ann Wilkins. John Osborn Walker and Willia Scott
2Josephine Wilkins. Alfred Forsette and Joseph Marchan
111322214James Rogers. Mary Sanders
111421314John Albion Spears. Josephine Turner and Belle Langle
2Sarah Ellen Spears. Evans Price Robertson
3Lorenzo Delano Spears. Jennie Columbia Beavert
111623314Elizabeth Riley* McCoy Smith
111624314Addie Riley. James Kyle
2Nelson Riley*
3Charles Riley*
111625314Octavia Maxfield. Richard Riley Bertholf.
2Ida Verona Maxfield. James Harvey Lindsey
3Lillie Riley. Claude Hanks McDaniel
111626314Nancy Amanda Riley. John Lee Lamb


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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1 thought on “Genealogy of the Cherokee Riley Family”

  1. I am curious about a certain Barnabas Riley (1797-1848) who lived in Mulberry Grove, Bond co.,Illinois. His birth is listed as Cherokee County, Georgia 1797. His father was James Riley (1776-1850) born in Cravens, South Carolina. His mother Sarah Wilson. Could Barnabas in any way be related to the Cherokee Rileys??? I found James father as Danger Riley (1745-1781)…Thank you
    Marvin Gum

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