Day Schools Choctaw Nation – A-B

Alamo Day School, Choctaw Nation, September 1904

Male Indian Pupils
Frank McKinney14
Lige McKinney12
Ed McKinney6
August Zanola9
Female Indian Pupils
Annie Zanola9
Lily McKinney8
Ada Sorrells16
Dora Sorrells13
Irma Sorrells11
Minnie Sorrells8

Male White Pupils

Thomas Wallace11
Carl Tate8
Baxter Hayes6
Cleveland Hayes9
James March10
Willie Cottier11
Berl Cogburn6
Hiram Franklin11
Guy Dority13
Archie Williams9
Mack Carr6
Bram Conley6
Charlie Yeager8
Roy Dodd12
James Wallace6
John Winsleet13
Alex Wallace6
Jim Cottier6
Willie England16
Walter England16
Joseph Walters12
Bryan Bean8
Conny Bean7
Female White Pupils
Clara Wallace14
Maggie Wallace12
Mary Wallace8
Ethel March7
Maggie Cottier12
Rosa Hobgoodno age listed
Pearl Cogburn6
Jessie Carrno age listed
Effie Franklin8
Maud Dority9
Nina Ward13
Effie Ward12
– ish Jones12
Ola Dodd8
Della Dodd10
Almetta Dodd12
Cathrine McDaniel9
Grace Wallace13
Kate Dority13
Nora Kirby14
Effie Kirby6
Mary March15
Mattie Walters15
Nancy May14
Maggie May12
Gertrude Bean9
Teacher: Annie McCarty, Coalgate, Indian Terr.
Total Amount Paid Teacher: $40.00
Local Trustee: R.T. McKinney, Coalgate, Indian Terr.

Albion Neighborhood School Wade County, December 5, 1899, Choctaw Nation

Male Pupils
Emisich (?) Bohanan15
Al B. Noah9
Scot Mishingtubbe5
Columbus Wall12
Ben Frazier8

Female Pupils

Isabel Noah7
Elvira H. Noah5
Arabella Heart8
Sissie McKinney7
Jincy Pitchlynn8
Sina Wall16
Delilah Wall10
Emmaline Wall8
Teacher: D.S. Noah, Albion, Ind. Ter.
Amount Teacher Paid: $14.80
Local Trustee: L.B. Harrison, Albion, Ind.Ter.

 Albany Day School, Choctaw Nation, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students

William W. Hardage
John D. Hardage
Davis Pusley
Houston Hicher
Dawes Pusley
Female Choctaw Students
Lena Pusley
Sissie Harvey

Male White Students

Lewis Allen
Arthur Allen
Tom Carter
Jeffie Metcalf
Bryan Metcalf
Oscar Metcalf
Carroll Wilkes
Henry Sullivan
Clyde McPherson
Lee Cain
Claude Chapman
Walter Chapman
Guy Potts
Marley Shaw
Female White Students
Bonnie Chapman
Minnie Chapman
Hettie Chapman
Blanche Buchanan
Lily Blackwall
Mabel Potts
Bernice Potts
Delia Potts
Ella Sullivan
Ashby Sullivan
Vera Cain
Susie Castleberry
Sibbie Metcalf
Zona Buchanan
Clara McCreary
Kate Carter
Fannie Potts
Estella McCreary
Martha Gaines
Effie Metcalf
Cora Buckhanan
Teacher: Andrew E. McCreary, Albany, Indian Terr.
Total Amount Paid Teacher: $50.00
Local Trustees: H. M. Metcalf, P.L. Cain, A.L. Sullivan, W.A. Carter, Albany, I.T.

Alikchi Neighborhood School, Wolf County, January 1900

Male White Students

Richard Graig6
Lawrence Graig8
Orval Phillips9
Jessie Thornton13
Will Edmundson11
Nationus Anthony14
Clifford Curby10
Jesse Curby9
Clifford Merchant10
George Lollar9
Josh Byrd6
Raymond Kinsey8
Dye Boren16
Rube Boren17
Dock Thornton18
John Vaught12
Munroe Boren12
Cecil Boren15
Jim Vaught7
Bolivar Merchant6
Hoy Boren6
Dolph Boren7
Clarence Files10
Female White Students
Pearl Curby7
Lizzie Edmondson9
Florence Curby11
Bessie Curby12
Addie Thornton15
Mary Merchant11
Ethel Byrd10
Bedie Lollar15
Dollie Boren13
Dora Godwin16
Anna Boren13
Nellie Boren11
Belle Vaught8
Rochie Phillips7
Algie Boren9
Ruth Merchant8
Tercie Files9
Teacher: Edythe Hansford, Albion, Indian Terr.
Amount Paid Teacher: $30.00
Local Trustees: J.W. Boren, W. T. Kirby, Albion Indian Terr.

Ashland Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students

McGee King19
Lessie Battles9
James Battles12
George Hall11
Wade McClelan10
Abner McClelan16
Silas King7
Anderson King15

Female Choctaw Students

Ada Hall9
Irma Battles14
Dollie McClelan11
Attie McClelan14
Julia Jones7

Male White Students

John Leaird6
Barney Clifton10
Samuel Leaird11
Toney Martin9
John Fondron6
Frank Fondron8
Freddie Robinson6
James Taylor11
Asa Herd12
Elbie Luker10
Charley Taylor6
Dallis Riggins15
Luther Luker15
Ponder Patterson6
Thomas Patterson16
Isaac Taylor15
Malcomm Oakes14
Oscar Patterson9
Arthur Mitchell9
Oscar Luker13
Grand Herd14
Walter Hoe6
John Harper9
Freddie White9
Sidney Pearse11
Palmer Pearse12
Bond Scott9
George Marshall7

Female White Students

Ethel M. Clifton6
Cora M. Gillas7
Myrtle Gillas10
Bettie Black9
Myrtle Robinson7
Grace Taylor14
Mollie McCarty15
Maudie Patterson14
Delie Coker8
Minnie Herd9
Grace Herd12
Nora McCarty12
Willie McCarty10
Emma Black15
Mattie McCarty15
Bertha Luker6
Bell Mitchel8
Eva Riggins6
Gloe Dorcey6
Maude Waller7
Alma Patterson12
Bonnie Scott11
Fannie Luker9
Orrin Hoe9
Callie Harper10
Lulu Black17
Aldie Cannon14
Mollie Luker6
Eula Strange13
Maggie Pierce14
May Marshall7
Cordie Mitchell6
Teacher: Cora M. Love, Ashland, Indian Terr.
Amount Paid Teacher: $45.00
Local Trustees: R.H. Hall, P.T. Riggaw, J.B. Dorsey

Beach Creek Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Peter Cusherno age listed
Harrison Cusherno age listed
Simeon Cusherno age listed
Clayson Taylor14
Jackson Beanno age listed
Female Choctaw Students
Annie Taylor11
Evaline Bean7
Mary Cusher10
Cillian Samuelno age listed
Cilway Jones12
Rosanna Jones9
Emaline Samuel11
Sarah Bohannonno age listed
Male White Students
Henry Lester12
Tom Lester7
Female White Students
Ida Lester10
Teacher: Mary A. Smith, Beach Indian Territory
Amount Paid Teacher: $45.00
Local Trustee: Douglas Push, Beach Indian Territory

Bennington #1 Day School, September 1904

Male Indian Students

Walter Gardner10
Willie Gardner13
Luther Gardner8
Herbert McClure7
Charly Lloyd8
Willie Lloyd6
Female Indian Students
Junia Gardner8
Nora Lee Gardner11
Aneta Lloyd9

Male White Students

Fred Ryan11
Willie Allen9
Bege Taylor9
Cleve Taylor9
Norman Parish7
Baxter Fuller10
Con Fuller14
Page Tally7
Kerne Winters15
Thannie Nickels8
Willie Sand14
DeWitt Rhew14
Charly Shumake16
Cephas Shumake16
Nellie Nickels6
Ella Tally14
Aria Tally12
Susie Tally10
Emma Parish15
Willie Parish13
Lula Taylor15
Ann Taylor13
Alice Taylor6
Lillian Morgan13
Bessie Young13
Mary Shumake13
Gertie Shumake8
Norie Shumake7
Bonnie Ryan8
Lula Parish18
Lola Allen10
Teacher: Leola Russell, Bennington
Amount Paid Teacher: $45.00
Local Trustee: J. M. LLoyd, Bennington, Indian Territory

Bennington #2 Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw (Red) Students

Stephen Thomas13
Wilson Thomas11
Jordon Hawkins17
Moses Folsom15
Daniel Terrell16
Jacob James9
Edward Davis Sakke5
Cornelius James10
Female Choctaw (Red) Students
Minnie Wesley15
Ola Henderson10
Joeaner Henderson8
Ida Folsom8
Cellin Terrell11
Adah Thomas10
Male White Students
Charley Anderson5
John Fisher7
Walter Anderson10
Claud Didway15
Cidell Hinley12
Hersel Walker9
Ollir Hambrick2
Henry Hill16
Elmore Tollebbe13
Female White Students
Jessie Bonds10
Lucy Hill10
Dollie Hill15
Ethel Bonds15
Eula Kick9
Ora Powell9
Ella Terry12
Mollie Terry8
Lucy Fisher10
Minnie Smith14
Stella Tolleffe8
Effa Tolleffe6
Edna Hambrick7
Birdie Hill19
Lula Hill12
Ethel Tolleffe10
Teacher: Bessie Miller, Shady Point, I.T.
Amount Paid Teacher: $43.50
Local Trustees: W. L. Henderson, R.A. Powell, J. M. Anderson, Shady Point


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