Condition of the Montana Indians in 1890

Total Indian Population As Of June 1, 1890

Total  11,206
Reservation Indians, not taxed (not counted in the general census)  10,336
Indians in prisons, not otherwise enumerated  10
Indians on reservations, self-supporting and taxed (counted in the general census)  860
The results of the special Indian census to be added to the general census. 10,765
Reservation Indians, not taxed  10,330
Indians in prison, not otherwise enumerated  10
Other persons with Indians, not otherwise enumerated  419

The civilized (self-supporting) Indians of Montana, counted in the general census, number 860 (456 males and 404 females), and are distributed as follows:

Cascade County, 20; Choteau County, 190; Custer County, 159; Dawson County, 56; Deerlodge County, 21; Fergus County, 88; Lewis and Clarke County, 121; Meagher County, 14; Missoula County, 165; other counties (11 or less in each), 26.

The citizen Indians of Montana have no special history that is not included in the statement that they have left tribal relations and adopted the life of the whites.

1890 Census,

Department of the Interior. Report on Indians Taxed and Indians not Taxed in the United States, Except Alaska at the Eleventh Census: 1890. Washington DC: Government Printing Office. 1894.

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