Choctaw Mixed Bloods, 1831-33

Appendix B Notes

Names: Listed alphabetically. There are a few names listed twice. In most cases this represents different individuals, especially if the names are from the same source. In the case of duplicate names from separate sources, a chance of the names being the same person is likely, but not assumed.

Location: The orthography varies but is taken as it appeared in the source document. In some cases the source gives more specific location information than that in the listing of the appendix. The location listed may also be a creek, river, or district. Entries such as, Alabama, or, Creek, are the state or Indian nation indicated.

Choctaw Mixed Bloods, 1831-33

Adams, ElijahMushulatubbe
Adams, JohnMushulatubbe
Allen, BenjaminMushulatubbe
Anderson, AmosRed RiverM4
Anderson, ChristyRed RiverM2
Anderson, DanielMushulatubbe
Anderson, DanielRed RiverM23
Anderson, GeorgeRed RiverMinfant
Anderson, JohnMushulatubbe
Anderson, JosephMushulatubbe
Anderson, NoelRed RiverM1
Anderson, ReubenMushulatubbe
Anderson, SallyMushulatubbe
Anderson, SamuelEmigrating
Anderson, UlyssesRed RiverM3
Austin, SamuelNituchachee
Ayers, ElizaRed RiverF22
Ayers, NathanielRed RiverM34
Bacon, CharlesEmigrating
Bacon, SamuelRed RiverM28
Bacon, SilasRed RiverM2
Bacon, ViceyRed RiverF6
Baldwin, AmosRed RiverM1
Baldwin, DavidGreenwood
Baldwin, JackRed RiverM24
Battiece, BenjaminEmigrating
Battiece, WineyEmigrating
Battuce, NicholasEmigrating
Baxter, RichardEmigrating
Beams, DavidRed RiverM12
Beams, HarrisRed RiverM10
Beams, HettyRed RiverF30
Beams, IsomRed RiverM6
Beams, JinseyRed RiverF9
Beams, MollyRed RiverF7
Beams, MosesRed RiverM12
Beams, PollyRed RiverF12
Beams, RomulusRed RiverM2
Beams, SolomonRed RiverM12
Beams, ViceyRed RiverM34
Beams, WalaceMushulatubbe
Beams, WilliamRed RiverM6
Beams, WilsonRed RiverM3
Black, WilliamGreenwood
Bliss, AmosRed RiverM1
Bliss, AnnisRed RiverF3
Bliss, EbenezerRed RiverM31
Bliss, lmantiyaRed RiverF2
Bliss, IsaacRed RiverM20
Bliss, JonasRed RiverM3
Bliss, JosiahRed RiverM25
Bliss, LefeonaRed RiverF4
Bliss, WilliamRed RiverM8
Bohannan, JessieGreenwood
Bohannan, SilasMushulatubbe
Bohannan, WilliamMushulatubbe
Bohannan, William, Jr.Mushulatubbe
Boon, Daniel H.Red RiverM35
Boon, MaryRed RiverF30
Boyde, BetsyEmigrating
Brashiers, AnnaRed River.
Brashiers, BenjaminRed RiverM31
Brashiers, DelieteRed RiverF6
Brashiers, ElizaRed RiverF12
Brashiers, ElmiraRed Riverinfant
Brashiers, JosephRed RiverM1
Brashiers, LewisRed RiverM34
Brashiers, LilaRed RiverF7
Brashiers, NancyRed RiverF25
Brashiers, PennyRed RiverF12
Brashiers, PollyRed RiverF11
Brashiers, SamRed RiverM9
Brashiers, SibellRed RiverF28
Brashiers, SukeyRed RiverF3
Brashiers, VaughanRed RiverM3
Brashiers, VaughanRed RiverM33
Brashiers, WashntonRed RiverM7
Brashiers, WilliamRed RiverM13
Brinyard, DavidRed RiverM18
Brinyard, MercyRed RiverF10
Brinyard, PollyRed RiverF16
Byington, SamuelEmigrating
Dyer, JoshuaRed RiverM18
Dyer, MoscsMushulatubbe
Eakins, JosephRed RiverM33
Eakins, PollyRed RiverF25
Ellis, BetseyRed RiverF8
Ellis, JaneRed RiverFinfant
Ellis, JoelRed RiverM4
Ellis, JohnRed RiverM2
Ellis, JohnRed RiverM30
Ellis, MaryRed RiverF25
Ellis, SallyRed RiverF10
Everidge, ThomasGreenwood
Fields, PeggyRed RiverF16
Fields, SallyRed RiverF45
Fields, SarahRed RiverF20
Fields, WilliamRed RiverM24
Filecutchy, BarneyRed RiverM20
Filecutchy, BetseyRed RiverF17
Filecutchy, LupfrishRed RiverM4
Fisher, DavidRed RiverM0.5
Fisher, Effa JRed RiverF2
Fisher, JosephRed RiverM47
Fisher, Joseph R.Red RiverM7
Fisher, MarthaRed RiverF40
Fisher, NarcisicaRed RiverF11
Fisher, RebeccaRed RiverF9
Fisher, Silas D.Red RiverM7
Fisher, SilusGreenwood
Fisher, Sydney S.Red RiverM4
Fisk, IsaacRed RiverM25
Fisk, IsaacRed RiverM25
Fisks, HarrietRed RiverF2
Fisks, PlineyRed RiverM25
Folsom, AdamMushulatubbe
Folsom, AmiaRed RiverF9
Folsom, AmosRed RiverM12
Folsom, AmosRed RiverM5
Folsom, AnnaRed RiverF21
Folsom, AnnaRed RiverF8
Folsom, AureliaRed RiverF4
Folsom, BetseyRed RiverF10
Folsom. ChalRed RiverM10
Folsom, CushmanRed RiverM1
Folsom, DanielRed River
Folsom, DavidMushulatubbe
Folsom, DavidRed RiverM41
Folsom, ElesyRed RiverF6
Folsorn, ElizabethRed RiverF20
Folsom, EliziseeRed RiverF11
Folsom, EllisRed RiverM3
Folsom, GeorgeMushulatubbe
Folsorn, GeorgeRed RiverM34
Folsom, HarrietRed RiverF4
Folsom, IsaacMushulatubbe
Folsorn, IsraelRed RiverM29
Folsom, JacobRed RiverM22
Folsom, JerahRed RiverM36
Folsorn, JessieRed RiverM6
Folsom, JohnMushulatubbe
Folsom, JosephRed RiverM14
Folsom, JosephRed RiverM8
Folsom, JoshuaRed RiverM9
Folsom, Julia A.Red RiverF1
Folsom, KeeneRed RiverM2
Folsom, LamanRed RiverF3
Folsom, LawrenceRed RiverM12
Folsom, LocindaRed RiverF6
Folsom, LouisaRed RiverF1
Folsom, LouisaRed RiverF25
Folsom, MaryRed RiverF26
Folsom, MelindaRed RiverF2
Folsom, NancyRed RiverF5
Folsom, NathanMushulatubbe
Folsom, PhebeRed RiverF13
Folsom, RobertRed RiverM36
Folsom, SamuelMushulatubbe
Folsom, SamuelMushulatubbe
Folsom, SusanRed RiverF33
Folsom, WilliamRed RiverM37
Folsom, William a.Red RiverM1
Fosward, --misGreenwood
Franklin, LeviRed RiverM20
Frasier, AlecRed RiverM39
Frasier, AndrewRed RiverM20
Frasier, AnnaRed RiverF2
Frasier, CharlesRed RiverM5
Frasier, JamesRed RiverM18
Frasier, JohnGreenwood
Frasier, KellyRed RiverM13
Frasier, SylviaRed RiverF18
Frasier, TimothyRed RiverM9
Frazer, AmosMushulatubbe
Frazer, JohnMushulatubbe
Frazier, BenjaminEmigrating
Frazier, HarrisGreenwood
Frazier, LouisEmigrating
Frazier, MosesEmigrating
Frazier, SwaineyGreenwood
Fry, BetseyRed RiverM20
Fry, LamarRed RiverM25
Fry, LamarRed RiverM25
Gardner, AnnaRed RiverF4
Gardner, BetseyRed RiverF35
Gardner, BobRed RiverM8
Gardner, EdmundRed RiverM3
Gardner, ElizaRed RiverF1
Gardner, ElizaRed RiverF7
Gardner, IsaacRed RiverM35
Gardner, JacksonRed RiverM12
Gardner, JamesRed RiverM45
Gardner, JerryMushulatubbe
Gardner, JohnRed RiverM23
Gardner, JosephRed RiverM1
Gardner, LewisRed RiverM30
Gardner, LoteRed RiverF6
Gardner, LucyRed RiverF15
Gardner, MargaretRed RiverF35
Gardner, MaryRed RiverF10
Gardner, NewellRed RiverM20
Gardner, PollyRed RiverF11
Gardner, RebeccaRed RiverF17
Gardner, RebeccaRed RiverF20
Gardner, SallyRed RiverF12
Gardner, SampsonRed RiverM1
Gardner, SarahRed RiverF8
Gardner, SinaiRed RiverF9
Gardner, SolomonRed RiverM2
Gardner, SolomonRed RiverM3
Gardner, VisceyRed RiverF18
Gardner, WilliamRed RiverM34
Gardner, ZachRed RiverM3
Garland, AlfredRed RiverM6
Garland, CornliusRed RiverM4
Garland, DelilaRed RiverF10
Garland, JacobRed RiverM4
Garland, JamesRed RiverM28
Garland, JohnRed RiverM36
Garland, MelvinRed RiverMinfant
Garland, MorrisRed RiverM6
Garland, PeggyRed RiverF25
Garland, RhodaRed RiverF8
Garland, SarahRed RiverF1
Garland, SilasRed RiverM25
Garland, SukeyRed RiverF6
Garland, SusanRed RiverF4
Garland, WilliamRed RiverM12
Gibson, ThomasNituchachee
Gowen, PatrickGreenwood
Gowen, ThomasGreenwood
Graham, HannahMushulatubbe
Graham, NatMushulatubbe
Graves, JohnRed RiverM3
Graves, PeytonRed RiverM10
Graves, SilasRed RiverM14
Graves, WilliamRed RiverM8
Greggs, Leroy P.Emigrating
Hancock, FannyMushulatubbe
Hankins, WillisEmigrating
Hanss, CornetEmigrating
Hargo, AttoniaNituchachee
Harkin, GeorgeRed RiverM20
Harkins, George M.Greenwood
Harkins, George W.Red RiverM22
Harrison, HenryRed RiverM16
Harrison, MollyRed RiverF40
Harrison, WilliamRed RiverM18
Harrison, ZedocRed RiverM20
Hayes, AbramRed RiverM18
Hayes, AmyRed RiverF16
Hayes, CalebRed RiverM18
Hayes, ElizaRed RiverF20
Hayes, EllenRed RiverF6
Hayes, HickmanRed RiverM17
Hayes, IsamRed RiverM10
Hayes, JamesRed RiverM25
Hayes, JohnRed RiverM35
Hayes, KatyRed RiverM12
Hayes, LucyRed RiverF3
Hayes, MahalaRed RiverF14
Hayes, MarcusRed RiverM8
Hayes, Mary AnnRed RiverFinfant
Hayes, SolomonRed RiverM19
Hayes, ThomasRed RiverM40
Hayes, ViceyRed RiverF18
Hayes, WesleyRed RiverM16
Hayes, WidowRed RiverF40
Hayes, WilsonRed RiverM14
Heays, SinaiRed RiverF16
Holderfield, RichardEmigrating
Holstern, CharlesMushulatubbe
Holstern, StephenMushulatubbe
Hones, EljiahMushulatubbe
Hudson, GeorgeMushulatubbe
Hunter, GeorgeEmigrating
Jacobs, HenryEmigrating
Jacobs, JoshuaGreenwood
James, BenjaminMushulatubbe
James, BenjaminMushulatubbe
James, CeliaMushulatubbe
James, ElizaMushulatubbe
James, IsaacMushulatubbe
James, RobertMushulatubbe
Johnson, Silas D.Red RiverM19
Jones, AmosEmigrating
Jones, BineleRed RiverF11
Jones, CharlesMushulatubbe
Jones, FredEmigrating
.Jones, HoganMushulatubbe
Jones, IsaacEmigrating
Jones, IsaacEmigrating
Jones, JamesEmigrating
Jones, JamesRed RiverM35
Jones, JedMushulatubbe
Jones, JohnRed RiverM30
Jones, Kanimi.Red RiverM4
Jones, LarryMushulatubbe
Jones, LeviMushulatubbe
Jones, LtahonaRed RiverF8
Jones, NatEmigrating
Jones, RebeckaMushulatubbe
Jones, RebeckaMushulatubbe
Jones, RobertMushulatubbe
Jones, SamuelEmigrating
Jones, SolomonEmigrating
Jones, WidowMushulatubbe
Jones, WilliamEmigrating
Jones, WilliamEmigrating
Jones, WilliamRed RiverM1
Jones, Wm.Emigrating
Karncy, ElliEmigrating
Kearney, AllenRed RiverM21
Kearney, JaneRed RiverF14
Kearney, JessieRed RiverM12
Kearney, WilliamRed RiverM1
Kelly, AbnerRed RiverM49
Kelly, DavidMushulatubbe
Kemp, BenMushulatubbe
Kerns, PenasawEmigrating
King, HiramMushulatubbe
King, RhodaMushulatubbe
Laileure, GeorgeRed RiverM4
Lafleure, GreenwoodRed RiverM1
Lafleure, IsabellRed RiverF7
Lafleure, MarthaRed RiverF24
Lafleure, SophiaRed RiverF6
Lafleure, WilliamRed RiverM26
Lake, JohnNituchachee
Leflore, ForbisRed RiverM20
Leflore, IsaacRed RiverM30
Leflore, MitchelRed RiverM25
Leflore, PatseyRed RiverF20
Leflore, WardRed RiverM22
Lemon, EastmanRed RiverM22
Lemon, EmalinaRed RiverF12
Lemon, SarahRed RiverF2
Lemon, TuhubbsRed RiverM10
Lewis, JohnMushulatubbe
Long, JackMushulatubbe
Loven, JamesMushulatubbe
Lucas, AdamMushulatubbe
Lucas, JamesMushulatubbe
Lucas, LouisEmigrating
Lucas, WilliamMushulatubbe
Mackey, DavidNituchachee
Mackey, MiddletMushulatubbe
Mackey, MilesEmigrating
Malone, YancyMushulatubbe
Martin, ThomasGreenwood
Matier, JackMushulatubbe
May, GeorgeNituchachee
McAfee, FeliciaRed RiverF1
McAfee, IsamRed RiverM9
McAfee, JamesRed RiverM22
McAfee, JamesRed RiverM60
McAfee, JohnRed RiverM3
McAfee, LeviRed RiverM30
McAfee, MahalaRed RiverF10
McAfee, RebeccaRed RiverF23
McAfee, SusanRed RiverF20
McCan, CornelMushulatubbe
McCan, GeorgeNituchachee
McCan, LewisMushulatubbe
McCann, _olisRed RiverF2
McCann, AustinRed RiverM7
McCann, ColiRed RiverF5
McCann, GimitonaRed RiverF25
McCann, IlanoliRed RiverF20
McCann, JacobRed RiverM16
McCann, SeabordRed RiverF10
McCann, ThomasRed RiverM50
McCann, TonneRed RiverF40
McCann, WilsonRed RiverM17
McClure, BillyMushulatubbe
McClure, BrotherMushulatubbe
McClure, EmelefaRed RiverF1
McClure, ForbesMushulatubbe
McClure, JamesRed RiverM30
McClure, OleksonRed RiverM3
McCoy, DavidRed RiverM19
McCoy, ElizabthRed RiverFinfant
McCoy, RebeccaRed RiverF15
McGillrvary, AlexanderMushulatubbe
McGillrvy, Wm.Mushulatubbe
McGillvrey, ForbesMushulatubbe
McIntosh, IsaacMushulatubbe
McIntosh, JohnMushulatubbe
McKenna, BetseyRed RiverF6
McKenna, EdmundRed RiverM32
McKenna, GainerRed RiverM3
McKenna, JessieRed RiverM17
McKenna, JohnRed RiverM1
McKenna, KatyRed RiverF38
McKenna, LileyRed RiverF14
McKenna, MaryRed RiverM4
McKenna, SamRed RiverM9
McKenna, SophiaRed RiverF8
McKenna, SylviaRed RiverF25
McKenna, VineyRed RiverF19
McLaughlin, MatthewMushulatubbe
Medlin, Phillip A.Red RiverM30
Menton, A. G.Red RiverM28
Menton, ElizaRed RiverF20
Million, JasonMushulatubbe
Mims, PeterRed RiverM43
Mims, PollyRed RiverF25
Mims, SukeyRed RiverF40
Mims, VisceyRed RiverF8
Moore, JohnNituchachee
Moore, William M.Mushulatubbe
Mosley, ChulaRed RiverM12
Mosley, HatubbeRed RiverM9
Mosley, IatubbeRed RiverM8
Mosley, JlannonRed RiverM5
Mosley, JohnsonRed RiverM1
Mosley, SamuelRed RiverM32
Murengo, GravesRed RiverM45
Nail, DanielNituchachee
Nail, DanielMushulatubbe
Nail, GeorgeRed RiverM5
Nail, JerryRed RiverM25
Nail, Joel H.Red RiverM37
Nail, Jon H.Nituchachee
Nail, MollyMushulatubbe
Nail, PamingoRed RiverM18
Nail, PonayaRed RiverF5
Nail, Robert E.Nituchachee
Nelson, BluntEmigrating
Nelson, BrownRed RiverM15
Nelson, EdenEmigrating
Nelson, G.E.Emigrating
Nelson, GeorgeEmigrating
Nelson, IsaacEmigrating
Nelson, JessieEmigrating
Nelson, JimsonRed RiverM6
Nelson, LilaRed RiverF2
Nelson, LucyRed RiverF12
Nelson, MaryRed RiverF17
Nelson, MollyRed RiverF45
Nelson, NancyRed RiverF10
Nelson, PatsyRed RiverF8
Nelson, SallyRed RiverFinfant
O'Neil, LamarRed RiverM40
Ott, WilliamGreenwood
Oxberry, DavidGreenwood
Pace, WilliamEmigrating
Parks, JoshuaRed RiverM40
Perry, ElmiraRed RiverF2
Perry, HamptonRed RiverM7
Perry, HardyEmigrating
Perry, HettyRed RiverF35
Perry, MosesRed RiverM40
Peter, AndrewRed RiverM22
Peter, MaryRed RiverF24
Peter, SimonRed RiverM31
Pope, AlexanderEmigrating
Potter, JohnMushulatubbe
Potter, WilliamEmigrating
Price, John F.Greenwood
Riddle, JosephMushulatubbe
Riddle, WilliamMushulatubbe
Robinson, AmziRed RiverM32
Robinson, ColainRed RiverM5
Robinson, EmilyRed RiverF24
Robinson, JamesRed RiverM1
Robinson, Lucy AnnRed RiverF3
Rofre, JohnRed RiverMinfant
Rofre, WilliamRed RiverM20
Saman, GeorgeRed RiverM25
Sampson, LeviRed RiverM37
Scott, AnnaRed RiverF10
Scott, JohnRed RiverM60
Scott, MorganRed RiverM4
Scott, WashingtonRed RiverM6
Sexton, JeffersonEmigrating
Shields, JamesGreenwood
Shoat, IsaacEmigrating
Simpson, IsaacEmigrating
Smith, BetseyRed RiverFinfant
Smith, JacobMushulatubbe
Smith, LucyGreenwood
Smith, WilliamRed RiverM35
Stull, JohnsonRed RiverM14
Stull, LeesonRed RiverM4
Stull, MatildaRed RiverF2
Stull, PolinaRed RiverF8
Stull, PollyRed RiverF6
Stull, StevenRed RiverM10
Stull, WillisRed RiverM25
Stull, WinnRed RiverF20
Terrell, JamesMushulatubbe
Thompson, David C.Red RiverM22
Thompson, GilesMushulatubbe
Thompson, GilesEmigrating
Tobaler, KatyRed RiverF36
Tobaler, MelissaRed RiverF12
Tobaler, ThomasRed RiverM35
Turnbull, GeorgeEmigrating
Utridge, JoshuaRed RiverM3
Utridge, ReubenRed RiverM12
Utridge, WilliamRed RiverM30
Utridge, WilliamRed RiverM5
Vaughan, AlexanderRed RiverM18
Vaughan, BetseyRed RiverF14
Vaughan, CarmeliteRed RiverF5
Vaughan, EwellRed RiverMinfant
Vaughan, GeorgeRed RiverM35
Vaughan, HickmanRed RiverM5
Vaughan, JamesRed RiverM50
Vaughan, JinceyRed RiverFinfant
Vaughan, JonasRed RiverM6
Vaughan, LavinaRed RiverF4
Vaughan, LucyRed RiverF11
Vaughan, LucyRed RiverF18
Vaughan, MaryRed RiverF12
Vaughan, MatildaRed RiverF23
Vaughan, MiddletonRed RiverM35
Vaughan, NelsonRed RiverM11
Vaughan, SamuelRed RiverM16
Vaughan, SarahRed RiverF8
Vaughan, ScottRed RiverF8
Vaughan, ThornsRed RiverM17
Vaughan, WinnyRed RiverF1
Vaughn, AlexanderEmigrating
Veloin, ThomasMushulatubbe
Vincent, ElizaRed RiverFinfant
Vincent, HiramRed RiverM33
Vincent, MelindaRed RiverF26
Wade, AlfredRed RiverM23
Wade, Art___Red RiverF16
Wade, ElseyRed RiverF18
Wade, EnosGreenwood
Wade, GeorgeRed RiverM12
Wade, JerionRed RiverM10
Wade, JerryRed RiverM20
Wade, JohnMushulatubbe
Wade, JohnRed RiverM2
Wade, JohnRed RiverM45
Wade, MollyRed RiverF4
Wade, PickensMushulatubbe
Wade, ViceyRed RiverF45
Wade, WilliamMushulatubbe
Wall, NoahMushulatubbe
Ward, EdmondRed RiverM16
Ward, EdonEmigrating
Ward, JeremiahMushulatubbe
Ward, MaryRed RiverF16
Ward, TurnerGreenwood
Washington, Don D.Red RiverM15
Washington, FerleRed RiverM10
Washington, GabrielRed RiverM12
Washington, JamesRed RiverM25
Washington, DannerRed RiverF25
Washington, JohnRed RiverM30
Washington, JohnRed RiverM30
Washington, MollyRed RiverF8
Washington, WilliamRed RiverM14
Watkins, BryantMushulatubbe
Watrow, HarryRed RiverM22
Watrow, PollyRed RiverF25
Watrow, WillisRed RiverMinfant
Welch, JosiahGreenwood
Wesley, CharlesMushulatubbe
White, CeliaMushulatubbe
Williams, GeorgeMushulatubbe
Wilson, AmosGreenwood
Wilson, CharlesRed RiverM17
Wilson, DavidEmigrating
Windlock. ThomasGreenwood
Winlock, WilliamMushulatubbe
Wisner, JudahRed RiverM14
Wood, GeorgeRed RiverM1
Wood, PatsyRed RiverF18
Wood, WilliamRed RiverM25
Woods, StephenRed RiverM27
Woods, WilliamRed RiverM2B


Wells, Dr. Samuel James. Choctaw Mixed Bloods and the Advent of Removal. University of Southern Mississippi. 1987. © Dr. Samuel James Wells, 1987. Used by permission.

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