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Chickamauga Tribe

Chickamauga Indians (Tsǐkăma’gi, a word apparently of foreign origin and probably Shawnee, Creek, or Chickasaw). The name given to a band of Cherokee who espoused the English cause in the war of the Revolution and moved far down on Tennessee River, establishing new settlements on Chickamauga Creek, in the neighborhood of the present Chattanooga.

Under this name they soon became noted for their uncompromising and never ceasing hostility. In 1782 their towns were destroyed by Sevier and Campbell, and they moved farther down the river, establishing what were afterward known as the “five lower towns,” Running Water, Nickajack, Long Island, Crow Town, and Lookout Mountain Town. Here they were continually recruited by Creeks, Shawnee, and white Tories, until they were estimated to number a thousand warriors. They continued hostilities against the Tennessee settlements until 1794, when their towns were destroyed.

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  1. Kristie Campbell Hurlow

    I am so excited in finding this site. Just starting to find heritage here. Still looking for my great grandmother’s maiden name. She was full blooded Chickamaugua Cherokee.

  2. I have been told by my Dad that we are Chickamauga Cherokee. But when I googled it, all I saw were articles saying that the Chickamauga are a “false tribe” and that they “aren’t real Cherokee”, but are mere “wanna be’s” and “poser’s”. Why are people saying that? Are the Chickamauga not a tribe?

    1. Even though I would say yes and no, they wer not a tribe, but rather, the Chicamauga is a band of the Eastern Cherokees from Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia. Chicamauga, Eastern Band Cherokee. I hope that this answers your question. I as well, even though I am Cherokee through my mother’s father’s family and no known knowledgeable, as of yet, what band and family clan that I am connected to on her side, but it is through my father’s mother’s family that I am of the Wolf Clan/Paint Clan of the Chicamauga, Eastern Band Cherokee.

      1. All I know is, George Washington recognized us as a tribe in 1785, and I now have a card with the Cherokee nation. But I also understand that a bunch of Cherokee do not like us.


        Might be kin, Im wolf clan from Nancy Nanehi Ward, to McCord to Dawson to Shankle to me

      3. I seen you are of the wolf clan and pain clan of the chickamauga I am too. Chief Dragging Canoe is one of my Great Grandfather. Through his son Little Dragging Canoe. We have our line traced from Walkingstick from the OKLAHOMA Tride and from a historian they are sending the records to my cousin

  3. Hi
    I have been told all my life that I am part littlefoot Indian.
    I have never been able to verify that.
    Can someone tell me if there is such a tribe or are they part of a tribe.
    All the grandparents, and my parents have passed so I really have no help.
    My grandfather is where I think it came from.
    Thanks for any help

  4. My ancestor, Ostenaco, sided with the British in the war and followed Dragging Canoe to Chickamauga creek, Tennessee. Their entire community emigrated to Indian Territory in 1837. The B.B. Cannon journal records their trip. Try reading the history of the area before trying to find individual family members. You will gain immeasurable insight.

  5. I just found a card with my mothers name on it along with the Water Hallow Band of Chickamauga and I was hoping someone could help me out with understanding what it means. My mothers name is Pearl Labbee and the number on the card is RKA 2007-0004. Can anyone tell me what this means. Thank you

  6. Crystal, I am new at this , from looking at some Genealogy recorders, my Grandmother is a down line of the Chickamuga tribes and Moytoy s? Thank you for sharing your information.

  7. Wendy Hoskinson

    I am trying to get a copay of new cards for myself and my daughter and i need to add my son the rolls. Our tribe is Chickamauga Cherokee. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    1. I am of the chickamauga cherokee tribe, there are a few different ones. I had a very hard time finding a phone number, I called every number I could find and a sweet guy guided me the right direction. The person I have on my file is Clara Rickard at 918-866-2429. I hope this is helpful for you.

      1. I’m trying to determine if a distant great grandfather was on the rolls. I know He was native and a chief in Chickamauga tribe. Any idea where to go to find this out?

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