Cherokee Formula to Frighten Away A Storm

Cherokee Formula for This Is To Frighten A Storm

Yuhahi´, yuhahi´, yuhahi´, yuhahi´, yuhahi´,
Yuhahi´, yuhahi´, yuhahi´, yuhahi´, yuhahi´-Yû!

Listen! O now you are coming in rut. Ha! I am exceedingly afraid of you. But yet you are only tracking your wife. Her footprints can be seen there directed upward toward the heavens. I have pointed them out for you. Let your paths stretch out along the tree tops (?) on the lofty mountains (and) you shall have them (the paths) lying down without being disturbed, Let (your path) as you go along be where the waving branches meet. Listen!

Explanation of This Is To Frighten A Storm

This formula, from A’yû´nini’s book, is for driving away, or “frightening” a storm, which threatens to injure the growing corn. The first part is a meaningless song, which is sung in a low tone in the peculiar style of most of the sacred songs. The storm, which is not directly named, is then addressed and declared to be coming on in a fearful manner on the track of his wife, like an animal in the rutting season. The shaman points out her tracks directed toward the upper regions and begs the storm spirit to follow her along the waving tree tops of the lofty mountains, where he shall be undisturbed.

The shaman stands facing the approaching storm with one hand stretched out toward it. After repeating the song and prayer he gently blows in the direction toward which he wishes it to go, waving his hand in the same direction as though pushing away the storm. A part of the storm is usually sent into the upper regions of the atmosphere. If standing at the edge of the field, he holds a blade of corn in one hand while repeating the ceremony.

Cherokee Original


Yuhahi´, yuhahi´, yuhahi´, yuhahi´, yuhahi´,
Yuhahi´, yuhahi´, yuhahi´, yuhahi´, yuhahi´-Yû!

Sge! Ha-nâ´gwa hinahûn´ski tayi´. Ha-tâ´sti-gwû gûnska´ihû. Tsûtali´i-gwati´na halu´’ni. Kû´nigwati´na dula´ska galû´nlati-gwû witu´kti. Wigûnyase´hisi. ´tali tsugû´nyi wite´tsatanû´nûnsi´ nûnnâhi tsane´lagi de´gatsana´wadise´sti. Kûnstû´ dutsasû´ni atû´nwasûte´hahi´ tsûtûneli´sesti. Sge!

Cherokee, Medicine,

Mooney, James. Sacred Formulas Of The Cherokees. Published in the Seventh Annual Report, Bureau of Ethnology, pp. 301-399. 1886.

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