Ceremonial Songs of the Creek and Yuchi Indians

Yuchi Music
Yuchi Music

The investigations described in the introduction to the first part of this volume included the work of collecting dance and medicine songs. The greater part of these came from the Creeks of Taskigi town, one of the tribal subdivisions of the Creek Nation. A smaller number of songs were obtained from the Yuchi.

Frequent reference will be made in the following pages to the account of the Yuchi in Part I of this volume. Reference will also be made to an account of the Creeks by the author, published in the Memoirs of the American Anthropological Association, Vol. 2, No. 2. The last named paper will be designated M. A. A. A.

The Creek songs were all sung by Kabítcimála, “Raccoon Leader” (the late Laslie Cloud), a prominent leader and shaman; the Yuchi songs by Fagoεonwī’ “Comes out of the thicket,” Kūbn “Creek Indian,” Ekīlané “It has left me,” and Jim Tiger. A few Shawnee love songs, obtained incidentally from Charley Wilson, who belongs to the small band of Shawnees who consort with the Yuchi, have been included. The songs were all recorded on the phonograph, the syllables and texts being taken down independently with accompanying explanations at the time when they were sung.


  • Introduction
  • Creek Dance Songs
    • Fish Dance. Phon. No. (1044)
    • Leaf Dance. Phon. No. (1041)
    • Alligator Dance. Phon. No. (1007)
    • Hahiut Dance. Phon. No. (1309)
    • Buffalo Dance. Phon. No. (1054)
    • Duck Dance. Phon. No. (1032)
    • Steal Each Other Dance. Phon. No. (1050)
    • Chicken Dance. Phon. No. (1052)
    • Gun Dance. Phon. No. (1000)
    • Skunk Dance. Plum. No. (K)O(I, 1020, 1030)
    • House Dance. Phon. No. (1049)
    • Mule Dance. Phon. No. (1051)
    • Skeleton Dance. Phon. No. (1070, 1025)
    • 1Screeh Owl Dance. Phon. No. (1043)
    • Long-Eaked Owl Dance. Phon. No. (1071, 10(I5)
    • Buzzard Dance. Phon. No. (100s, 1022)
    • Ball Game Dance. Phon. No. (1015. 1031)
    • Feather Dance (Taskigi Town). Phon. No. (1024. 1012. 1029. 1033)
    • Feather Dance (Tulsa Town). Phon. No. (1005, 1023)
    • Crazy Dance. Phon. No. (1069)
    • Crazy Dance. Phon. No. (102s)
    • Drunken Dance. Phon. No. (1010, 1017. 1027)
  • Yuchi Dance Songs
    • Big Turtle Dance. Phon. No. (1003)
    • Garfish Dance. Phon. No. (1055)
    • Drunken Or Crazy Dance. Phon. No. (1059)
    • Dance Song. Phon. No. (1061)
    • Dance Song. Phon. No. (1060)
    • Ball Game Dance. Phon. No. (1062)
    • Horse Dance. Phon. No. (1064)
  • Creek Medicine Songs And Formulas
    • Hog The Cause. Phon. No. (1047)
    • Beaver The Cause. Phon. No. (1035)
    • Snake The Cause. Phon. No. (1046)
    • Bird The Cause. Phon. No. (1034)
    • Headache Song. Phon. No. (1048)
    • Sun The Cause. Phon. No. (1048)
    • Deer The Cause. Phon. No. (1013)
    • Deer The Cause. Phon. No. (1016)
    • Deer The Cause. Phon. No. (1018)
    • Yearling Deer The Cause. Phon. No. (1046)
    • Bear The Cause. Phon. No. (1034)
    • Spirit The Cause. Phon. No. (1036)
    • Fish The Cause. Phon. No. (1053)
    • Turtle Hunting Medicine. Phon. No. (1037)
    • Snake Medicine Hunting. Phon. No. (1053)
    • All The Snakes. Phon. No. (1068)
    • In The Water, Wolf The Cause. Phon. No. (1042)
    • Horse The Cause. Phon. No. (1035)
    • Raccoon The Cause. Phon. No. (1036)
    • Wildcat The Cause
  • Tabulated Summary
  • Origin Of Diseases And Medicines
  • Shawnee Love Songs, Phon. No. (1058, 1041, 1026)

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