Biographical Sketch of Mrs. William H. Martin

(See Ross and Oolootsa)-Jennie, daughter of Henry and Mary (Parris) Lowrey was born August 1, 1858, educated in the Cherokee National Schools.

Married in 1855 John Hubbard. They were the parents of: Joanna, born November 26, 1876 and Mary Hubbard, born November 28, 1878.

Mrs. Jennie Hubbard married Sept. 9, 1883, William Hercules, son of Hercules T, and Permelia Martin.

They are the parents of: Frank Garland, born August 9, 1884; Eugene Warren, born January 30, 1886; William Henry, born January 28, 1888; Susie Lowrey, born December 1, 1889; Teresa Josephine born March 1, 1892; Ellen Cordelia born December 22, 1893; Jennie, born December 2, 1895, and Sequoyah Raymond Martin born January 18, 1899 and died May 16, 1917.

Frank Garland (in world war) Anderson Pierce, son of Assistant Chief George and Lucy (Benge) Lowrey, born in 1811 married Mary Nave, born October t6, 1813. He died July 12, 1853 and she died July 3, 1896. They were the parents of Henry Lowrey, born December 28, 183p and married Mary Parris.

Henry Lowrey and Mary were the parent of George Guess born Feb. 3, 1854; Jennie born Aug. 1, 1858; Daniel born October 2, 1860; Dollie Eunice born Dec. 3 1862. Anderson born 1866; Matilda born April 21, 1870 and Henry Beecher born July 9, 1873.


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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