1911 Carlisle School Census: Males I-K Surnames

In 1911 Carlisle was directed by the Department of the Interior to prepare a census of the Indians under their charge.

In all cases where the Indians are living on separate reservations under your jurisdiction you should submit a separate census roll of the Indians of each reservation.  The names should be arranged in alphabetical order.

– Letter Department of the Interior, 1911

This page includes all male students enumerated within the Carlisle School in 1911 alphabetically from Thomas Iron to Moses Komah. To see other names of students enrolled in Carlisle School during 1911, visit: 1911 Carlisle School Census

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Name Age Tribe Sex
Iron, Thomas 23 Sioux Male
Isaac, James 21 Chippewa Male
Island, Louis 24 Oneida Male
Jabeth, Nathaniel 23 Nez Perce Male
Jackson, Andrew 23 Seneca Male
Jackson, Jack 18 Cherokee Male
Jackson, John 23 Chippewa Male
Jackson, Lindsay 18 Seneca Male
Jackson, Peter 17 Seneca Male
Jackson, Thomas 24 Piegan Male
Jackson, Willis 19 Chippewa Male
Jacobs, Angus 21 Mohawk Male
Jacobs, Ernest 20 Cayuga Male
Jacobs, Leonard 22 Cayuga Male
Jacobs, Paul C. 18 Mohawk Male
James, Leslie 21 Chippewa Male
Janes, Wesley 21 Chippewa Male
Jamison, Hobart 14 Seneca Male
Jamison, Torrence 17 Seneca Male
Jeffers, Lorenzo 18 Pokonoket Male
Jimerson, Albert 19 Seneca Male
Jimerson, Eugene 20 Seneca Male
Jimerson, Clayton 21 Seneca Male
Jimerson, Hamilton 18 Seneca Male
Jimerson, Theodore 22 Seneca Male
Jocks, Joseph 18 Mohawk Male
John, Clinton 23 Seneca Male
John, Harry 21 Oneida Male
John, Lyford 19 Seneca Male
John, Oliver 21 Seneca Male
Johnnyjohn, Cleveland 17 Seneca Male
Johnnyjohn, Mitchell 20 Seneca Male
Johnson, Prank 23 Winnebago Male
Johnson, Jackson 20 Seneca Male
Jollie, David 18 Chippewa Male
Jones, Howard 22 Onondaga Male
Jordan, Alpheus 16 Oneida Male
Jordan, Peter 25 Chippewa Male
Jordan, Henry 18 Mohawk Male
Josytowa, Glenn 21 Hopi Male
Jure, Leon 18 Mission Male
Ketchenago, Joseph 20 Menominee Male
Kee 20 Navajo Male
Kelley, Calvin 18 Sioux Male
Kennedy, Alvin 20 Seneca Male
Kennedy, Raymond 20 Seneca Male
Kennerly, Jerome 22 Piegan Male
Kern, Amos 17 Chippewa Male
Kern, George 18 Chippewa Male
Kesetta, Richard 8 Lipan Male
Kettle, Leroy 19 Seneca Male
Killowat, James 15 Kootenai Male
Kills, James 17 Sioux Male
Kimmel, Walter 18 Sioux Male
King, Charles 19 Piegan Male
King, George 14 Seneca Male
King, Kenneth 17 Sioux Male
Knocksofftwo, Alex 17 Sioux Male
Knocksofftwo, Augustine 22 Sioux Male
Knocksofftwo, Thomas 16 Sioux Male
Komah, Moses 20 Comanche Male



1911 Carlisle School Census. Published by Department of the Interior, June 28, 1911.

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