1884 Hester Roll Index

P Surname

Number  Name  Comment
1563 Pain, Emma
1561 Pain, James
1559 Pain, Mary
1544 Pain, Mary Ann
1562 Pain, Theadocia
1558 Pain, Thomas
1560 Pain, William E.
2462 Palmour, Alaska
2466 Palmour, Annie
2464 Palmour, Benjamin
2481 Palmour, Charlie F.
2470 Palmour, David Silas
2474 Palmour, Elizabeth
2481 Palmour, Elizabeth
2471 Palmour, Emma
2465 Palmour, Eveline
2467 Palmour, Henry
2468 Palmour, Jennie
2459 Palmour, John Daugharty
2469 Palmour, John Downing
2482 Palmour, Lilly
2461 Palmour, Mary Otis
2463 Palmour, Mertie Keziah
2472 Palmour, Roxie
2473 Palmour, Saphronia Bell
2460 Palmour, Sarah Orlando
2123 Parker, Caroline
2130 Colquitt
2127 Parker, Emma Jane
2125 Julian
2131 Parker, Leoma Mary
2128 Parker, Martha Ellen
2124 Parker, Nancy Emmeline
2126 Parker, Rufus
2129 Parker, William Thomas
2829 Parks, Isaac D.
1225 Payne, Daniel Jackson
1226 Payne, David Leonard
1223 Payne, Felix
1227 Payne, George Liston
1224 Payne, Jonathan
1222 Payne, Martha A.
1228 Payne, Mary Jane
1229 Payne, William Alfred
1092 Pedkerwood, Cornelia
1091 Pedkerwood, Jane
348 Pedkerwood, John
1090 Pedkerwood, Lucy Ann
349 Pedkerwood, Rebecca
1093 Pedkerwood, Sallie
1089 Pedkerwood, William
350 Pedkerwood, Yeh-tseh
2769 Peoples, Bell
2771 Peoples, Charlotte
2772 Peoples, Edgarena
2773 Peoples, James Lamar
2768 Peoples, Mary E.
2770 Peoples, Sarah
2566 Perry, Julia
2567 Perry, Mary Sarah
101 Peter
2297 Pfannkuche, Agnes
1904 Pope, James Monroe
1901 Pope, Martha Matilda
1905 Pope, Mary Hazletine
1903 Pope, Thomas Lewis
1902 Pope, Wm. Lafayette
2780 Posey, Henry Russell
2779 Posey, Sarah Lucinda
1906 Powell, James Everett
475 Powell, John
1446 Powell, John Alvin
1907 Powell, John Clayton
476 Powell, Laura
1049 Price, Hiram
2707 Price, Nelly
2828 Price, Ruth


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5 thoughts on “1884 Hester Roll Index”

  1. My several back great grandfather’s name was Ti-S-Too, of New Kent County Virginia, born in 1687. He fought in the Revolutionary War for America, and was married to Sal-ia or Sally Scraper. The people that signed him up for the war couldn’t pronounce his name so they changed it to Jackson England. He was full blooded Cherokee, and I am looking for information on him but I can’t find anything. Is there anyone that can help me?

    1. My name is Sharon Rea, my grandma was donie Hester she walked the trail of tears as a little girl, I lost alot of my family, my real name is Shinning Spirit Walker

  2. My friend is searching records for any information. His Great Grandmother was either Leoma Mary Parker #2131 on the Hester Roll or Mary L Parker on the Dawes roll #31133. Card number 10476. He would very much like to know how he can obtain his certification and roll card. Can you help?

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