1884 Hester Roll Index

G Surname

Number  Name  Comment
891 Gah-na-ih
367 Gah-sah-lah-me, John
291 Gah-ta-yuh
2774 Gann, Henry Russell
2781 Gann, William Thomas
1518 Garland, Elizabeth
1521 Garland, Elizabeth
1523 Garland, Harriet C.
1519 Garland, Jesse Lafayette
1526 Garland, John B.
1525 Garland, Josephine
1520 Garland, Roxanna
1911 Garland, Sarah
1524 Garland, Tellius B.
1527 Garland, Te-mox-ye-nah
1522 Garland, William Sherman
1658 Garrett, Dora
1659 Garrett, Nancy
1657 Garrett, Ruby A.
2695 Gaston, Florence
2697 Gaston, George W.
2694 Gaston, Osaac D.
2696 Gaston, James H.
2693 Gaston, Joseph H.
2692 Gaston, Mary S.
2691 Gaston, Nancy Elizabeth
2698 Gaston, Pauline
1193 Gaw-hih-stee-skih
114 George
Gibbs, Canzady
Gibbs, Catherine
Gibbs, Georgie
Gibbs, Henry L.
Gibbs, Jane
261 Gibbs, Joshua
Gibbs, Rebecca
Gibbs, Simon
2646 Gillis, Jospehine
2644 Gillis, Margarit
2645 Gillis, Mary E.
2096 Goble, Benjamin
2100 Goble, George
2099 Goble, Jack
2098 Goble, Leonard
2095 Goble, Nancy Elizabeth
2097 Goble, Suckie
2740 Going, Drucilla
2739 Going, Ellen
2738 Going, Eliza
1313 Going, James
128 Going, John
130 Going, Mark
2741 Going, William Henry
1103 Goh-lun-tah-yeh
538 Goo-eas-tah
331 Goo-Quah, David p 87 Rej.
Graham, Edward M. p 87 Rej.
Graham, James R. p 87 Rej.
Graham, Stacy L. p 87 Rej.
Graham, Sarah p 87 Rej.
Graham, William H. p 87 Rej.
1977 Gravitt, Alice
1962 Gravitt, Atie Missie
1964 Gravitt, Azeline
1966 Gravitt, Eddie Olin
1978 Gravitt, Geroge W.
1973 Gravitt, Harris
1965 Gravitt, Franklin
1961 Gravitt, James Monroe
1959 Gravitt, Jane
1963 Gravitt, Jefferson
1971 Gravitt, John
1974 Gravitt, Lester
1960 Gravitt, Mary Polly
1972 Gravitt, Minerva Jane
1976 Gravitt, Thomas
1975 Gravitt, Thomas Hocknell
1441 Graybeard, Aggie
1439 Graybeard, Cah-tah-yo-ih
1443 Graybeard, Charlie
679 Graybeard, Charlotte
678 Graybeard, John
1442 Graybeard, Eliza
1367 Graybeard, Ezekiel
1438 Graybeard, Johnson
Graybeard, Peter p 88 R.
1444 Graybeard, Quaikih
680 Graybeard, Ross
1440 Graybeard, Stacey
2793 Green, Charlie
2792 Green, Cynthia
Green, Jane p 88 R.
2788 Green, James V.
2789 Green, John T.
Green, Martha p 88 R.
2790 Green, Mary Jane
1913 Green, Phillips
2787 Green, Sarah Jane
1912 Green, Sarah Vandora
2791 Green, Willie H.
1332 Greenleaf, Annie
1333 Greenleaf, Malih


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5 thoughts on “1884 Hester Roll Index”

  1. My several back great grandfather’s name was Ti-S-Too, of New Kent County Virginia, born in 1687. He fought in the Revolutionary War for America, and was married to Sal-ia or Sally Scraper. The people that signed him up for the war couldn’t pronounce his name so they changed it to Jackson England. He was full blooded Cherokee, and I am looking for information on him but I can’t find anything. Is there anyone that can help me?

    1. My name is Sharon Rea, my grandma was donie Hester she walked the trail of tears as a little girl, I lost alot of my family, my real name is Shinning Spirit Walker

  2. My friend is searching records for any information. His Great Grandmother was either Leoma Mary Parker #2131 on the Hester Roll or Mary L Parker on the Dawes roll #31133. Card number 10476. He would very much like to know how he can obtain his certification and roll card. Can you help?

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