1884 Hester Roll Index

Y Surname

Number  Name  Comment
637 Yah-le-ka-quah
646 Yah-nih
1168 Yawk-sey
859 Yaw-sih
370 Yeh-kin-ih
22 Yeh-kin-nih
566 Yeh-kin-nih
1210 Yeh-kin-nih
620 Yeh-sih
889 Yeh-sih
257 Yet-sih
1348 Yoh-haw-lah-gih
743 Yo-nah-co-la-kih
527 Yo-nah-ne-nuh
323 Yo-na-ne-tah
1695 Yonce, Geo. Wash.
1693 Yonce, Nancy S.
1694 Yonce, Seymour
York, Ella p 84 Rej.
York, Mamie p 84 Rej.
York, Mary p 84 Rej.
2708 Yornell, Jane T.


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4 thoughts on “1884 Hester Roll Index”

  1. My several back great grandfather’s name was Ti-S-Too, of New Kent County Virginia, born in 1687. He fought in the Revolutionary War for America, and was married to Sal-ia or Sally Scraper. The people that signed him up for the war couldn’t pronounce his name so they changed it to Jackson England. He was full blooded Cherokee, and I am looking for information on him but I can’t find anything. Is there anyone that can help me?

    1. My name is Sharon Rea, my grandma was donie Hester she walked the trail of tears as a little girl, I lost alot of my family, my real name is Shinning Spirit Walker

  2. Martha Andrews

    My friend is searching records for any information. His Great Grandmother was either Leoma Mary Parker #2131 on the Hester Roll or Mary L Parker on the Dawes roll #31133. Card number 10476. He would very much like to know how he can obtain his certification and roll card. Can you help?

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