1884 Hester Roll Index

Y Surname

Number  Name  Comment
637 Yah-le-ka-quah
646 Yah-nih
1168 Yawk-sey
859 Yaw-sih
370 Yeh-kin-ih
22 Yeh-kin-nih
566 Yeh-kin-nih
1210 Yeh-kin-nih
620 Yeh-sih
889 Yeh-sih
257 Yet-sih
1348 Yoh-haw-lah-gih
743 Yo-nah-co-la-kih
527 Yo-nah-ne-nuh
323 Yo-na-ne-tah
1695 Yonce, Geo. Wash.
1693 Yonce, Nancy S.
1694 Yonce, Seymour
York, Ella p 84 Rej.
York, Mamie p 84 Rej.
York, Mary p 84 Rej.
2708 Yornell, Jane T.

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2 thoughts on “1884 Hester Roll Index”

  1. My friend is searching records for any information. His Great Grandmother was either Leoma Mary Parker #2131 on the Hester Roll or Mary L Parker on the Dawes roll #31133. Card number 10476. He would very much like to know how he can obtain his certification and roll card. Can you help?

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