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Assiniboin Indians (Chippewa: ŭ’sini, stone’ ŭ’pwäwa ‘he cooks by roasting’: ‘one who cooks by the use of stones.’-W. J.). A large Siouan tribe, originally constituting a part of the Yanktonai. Their separation from the parent stem, to judge by the slight dialectal difference in the language, could not have greatly preceded the appearance of the whites, but it must have taken place before 1640, as the Jesuit Relation for that year mentions the Assiniboin as distinct. The Relation of 1658 places them in the vicinity of Lake Alimibeg, between Lake Superior and Hudson bay. On Jefferys’ map of 1762 this name is applied to Lake Nipigon, and on De l’Isle’s map of 1703 to Rainy lake… Read more about the Assiniboin Tribe History.

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The Life and Letters of Father De Smet
To supply these deficiencies and make the life-work of this great missionary and public man familiar to students of our country’s history, the editors have prepared the present work – LIFE AND LETTERS of FATHER DE SMET – comprising a complete biography, all his important letters both published and unpublished, illustrations characteristic of his missionary career, and a map showing the wide range of his travels west of the Mississippi.
The Assiniboine
Edwin Thompson Denig entered the fur trade on the Upper Missouri River in 1833. As husband to the daughter of an Assiniboine headman and as a bookkeeper stationed at Fort Union, Denig became knowledgeable about the tribal groups of the Upper Missouri and was consulted by several noted investigators of Indian culture. When Denig was asked to respond to a circular by Schoolcraft, he didn’t simply rely on his own knowledge, but instead interviewed “in company with the Indians for an entire year” until he had obtained satisfactory answers.


AccessGenealogy. Tribal Genealogy Research: Directory of online resources for specific tribes. Web. 2009-2013.

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