Centennial History of Missouri

S Surnames

  1. Sauer, William Emil M. D.
  2. Saunders, Edward Watts M. D.
  3. Schaff, Charles E.
  4. Schaub, Charles William M. D.
  5. Scherer, Matt J.
  6. Schiele, Edwin
  7. Schnoebelen, Paul Carroll M. D.
  8. Scholz, Roy Philip M. D.
  9. Seguin, Marc
  10. Settle, John C.
  11. Shankland, James W. M. D.
  12. Siebert, August, M. D. Ph. G.
  13. Simmons, Edward C.
  14. Singleton, Marvin E.
  15. Skinker, Captain Alexander Rives
  16. Skinker, Thomas Keith
  17. Slate, Hon. John G
  18. Smith, Henry A. M. D.
  19. Smith, Ward
  20. Speer, A. A.
  21. Spencer, Selden, M. D.
  22. Spivy, Raymond Mills M. D.
  23. Stanze, Frank J. M. D.
  24. Stark, Charles Baird
  25. Steigers, William C.
  26. Stewart, Floyd M. D.
  27. Strauch, John B.
  28. Stuart, Edward C.
  29. Summers, J. S. M. D.
  30. Swahlen, Cy H. M. D.
  31. Tait, Roderick H.
  32. Tamme, William L.
  33. Taylor, Thomas W. M. D.
  34. Taylor, William E.
  35. Thomy, John P.
  36. Tierney, John Leo M. D.
  37. Tilles, Randall Solon M. D.
  38. Timberman, De Wilton M. D.
  39. Tolle, Leonard L.
  40. Tonnies, August G.
  41. Troy, James A.
  42. Tureman, Herbert G. M. D.
  43. Tuttle, Rt. Rev. Daniel Sylvester
  44. Tyzzer, Walter G. M. D.
  45. Uhri William C.
  46. Van Meter, Eugene R. M. D.
  47. Vaughan, John Russell M. D.
  48. Vogt, William H. M. D.


Stevens, Walter B. Centennial History of Missouri (The Center State) One Hundred Years In The Union 1820-1921 Vol 6. St. Louis-Chicago: The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company. 1921.

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