Centennial History of Missouri

Daviess County Savings Bank of Gallatin, Missouri
Daviess County Savings Bank of Gallatin, Missouri
The James gang was accused of robbing the Daviess County Savings Bank of Gallatin, Missouri, on December 7, 1869. The robbers shot and killed the bank owner and cashier, John W. Sheets, whom they believed had played a part in the death of “Bloody Bill” Anderson.

This is the second volume from this set and contains 363 biographies and photographs of leading men of the first century of history in Missouri (1820-1921). Though this manuscript covers the entire state of Missouri, a good portion of the individual biographies are on people who had resided in St. Louis at some point in their life.

Centennial History of Missouri

A-B Surnames

  1. Able, Sidney Thorne
  2. Ackerman, Louis
  3. Albrecht, Franklin H. M. D.
  4. Alsaker, R. L.
  5. Amos, Newton W., M. D.
  6. Archer, Arthur Ogden
  7. Arendes, Michael C. H.
  8. Ashton George
  9. Avis, Harry Cobb
  10. Bader, Herman
  11. Bailey, Fred Warren M. D.
  12. Baker, Alfred E.
  13. Balson, Lewis E.
  14. Balson, William L.
  15. Bardenheier, Frederik Gustave, M. D.
  16. Barnes, Clarence A., Hon.
  17. Barnes, Francis Merriman, Jr. M. D.
  18. Barnett, Raymond
  19. Bascom, Calvin Perry
  20. Bauer, Cornelius F.
  21. Beck, Horace W.
  22. Blanke, Cyrus F.
  23. Blasé, Arthur F. C.
  24. Blood, Albert C.
  25. Boemer, Irving H. M. D.
  26. Bogy, Bernard P.
  27. Bohrer, Harry C. M. D.
  28. Bond, H. Wheeler M. D.
  29. Boogher, Lawrence
  30. Booth, David Stainrook M. D.
  31. Bowcock, John E.
  32. Boyd, David Milton
  33. Bradley, Benjamin E
  34. Bradley, Rev. P. H.
  35. Brand, Eli T. M. D.
  36. Brand, George
  37. Brandle, Theodore C.
  38. Brauer, Arthur J.
  39. Brauer, Edward J.
  40. Briggs, Gray C. M. D.
  41. Brooks, Orphred H. Jr.
  42. Brooks, Robert Wray
  43. Brown, Charles Swing
  44. Browne, Thomas F.
  45. Bryan, William M. M. D.
  46. Burkley, Edward J.
  47. Burleigh, George Paul
  48. Burmeister, Adolph
  49. Burns, Robert Jr., M. D.


Stevens, Walter B. Centennial History of Missouri (The Center State) One Hundred Years In The Union 1820-1921 Vol 2. St. Louis-Chicago: The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company. 1921.

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