Biography of David F. Hanna, M. D.

The subject of this sketch was born in Greenbrier county, West Virginia, August 18, 1851. His father, John W. Hanna, is also a native of Virginia. His mother, whose maiden name was Rebecca Deitz, died at the birth of our subject, and he was reared by his grandmother, a most estimable and cultured lady who carefully trained the mind of her young, charge in those channels calculated to make him a pure minded, honest and honorable man and a respected and useful citizen.

He was educated at Louisburg Academy and grew to manhood in his native county. After leaving school he clerked for a short time in a dry goods store at Meadow Falls, Virginia, and then, in the winter of 1870, commenced the study of medicine in the office of A. C. Kincaid, M. D., a prominent physician of that section of the country, under whose instructions young Hanna remained three years. He then attended lectures at the famous Medical College of Virginia and was during the same time resident student at Central. Lunatic Asylum at Richmond. After attending four courses of lectures at the excellent institution named above, our subject graduated with high honor and for proficiency and meritorious conduct received the appointment of resident physician and surgeon of the city hospital and alms-house at Richmond. Having filled that responsible and arduous position with distinguished ability during one term he was reappointed for another year, but at the end of six months resigned and in August, 1876, returned to Falling Springs, Virginia, and established an office there.

He rapidly rose in the confidence and respect of the people and received a handsome patronage, but becoming imbued with the “western fever” immigrated to Missouri and located at Gallatin where he was married, October 17, 1878, to Miss Mary W., the accomplished and amiable daughter of H. J. and S. E. Corner, natives of Kentucky. Mrs. Hanna was born in Richmond, Ray county, Missouri, November 16, 1856. She is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South.

Dr. Hanna is a hard and constant student taking an active interest in the advancement of his profession. In the winter of 1877, in company with other leading and influential physicians, he was instrumental in founding
the Daviess County Medical Society and was elected to the office of secretary of the organization. He is also a leading member of the Grand River Medical Society and stands in the front rank of his profession in North Missouri, especially in surgery. He removed his office to Jamesport in March, 1818, and built up a large practice to which he gave his undivided attention until September, 1881, when he returned to Gallatin.

Politically, Dr. H. is a staunch Democrat. He is a thoroughly qualified and successful physician, a kind-hearted, charitable man, a steadfast friend and a popular, cultured and refined gentleman.



The History of Daviess County, Missouri. Daviess County, Missouri: Birdsall & Dean. 1882.

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