Biography of Rev. Thompson K. Bridges

Rev. T. K. Bridges
Rev. T. K. Bridges

Rev. Thompson K. Bridges, (B. Dec. 6, 1856), Lukfata, is a native of Ellisville, Jones County, Mississippi. He grew to manhood and received his early education at Claiborne, Jasper County. Later he attended the city school at Meridian, and then took a course in theology at Biddle University. He began to teach public school at the age of 21 in 1877, and taught fourteen years in Mississippi. In 1891, he located in Indian Territory, and has now taught sixteen years in Oklahoma. In 1899 he was licensed to preach by the Presbytery of Catawba and in April 1902 was ordained by the same Presbytery. His first ministerial labors were at Griffin, Indian Territory, where in 1903 he effected the organization of the Ebenezer Church. The next year he continued to serve Ebenezer, but located at Lukfata, where he has since continued to serve as the stated supply of the Mount Gilead Church, and teacher of the local school. He served two years, 1904 and 1905, as stated clerk of the Presbytery of Kiamichi.

Rev. T. K. Bridges
Rev. T. K. Bridges

Mr. Bridges has been a progressive teacher and minister. In his youth, he formed the habit of having a good book or paper always at hand to occupy his attention profitably, whenever he had a spare moment. That habit of private study in spare moments has enabled him to keep abreast of the times, and the changes that have taken place in recent years, by the addition of new branches of study to the public school course. Ever since he began to render service to his people as a teacher, he has made a highly creditable record for efficiency and faithfulness. As he looks forward to the future it is full of hope and bright prospects.

He has never ceased to be grateful, for the benevolent aid, generously furnished him by the Presbyterian Church and Sunday school at Purcell, Okla., while he was pursuing his theological studies at Biddle university. The persons, whose names are most associated with these grateful memories, are those of the pastor, Rev. S. G. Fisher, and two of the elders, Mr. Lotting and Will Blanchard. This generous aid, which made possible an education for the gospel ministry, has led the recipient ever since to feel, that he is under a special but very delightful obligation, to render to the Church a faithful and efficient service, as long as he lives.


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