Perry sesquicentennial, Erie, Pa., May 29-Sept. 10, 1963

1963 commemorated the 150th Anniversary of the Building of Perry’s Fleet and the historical Battle of Lake Erie. Oliver Hazard Perry’s victory still ranks as the proudest moment in the history of our country. The results of this victory set the pattern for the establishment of borders between the United States and Canada; borders which, even today, remain un-patrolled in the spirit of the close and friendly relations between our two countries.

Title:Perry sesquicentennial, Erie, Pa., May 29-Sept. 10, 1963 : souvenir program commemorating the building of Perry’s fleet and the Battle of Lake Erie
Author: Perry Sesquicentennial, Inc.
Publication date:1963
Publisher:Erie, Penn. : Perry Sesquicentennial, Inc.
Digitizing Sponsor:Internet Archive
Contributor:Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
Repository:Internet Archive
cover of the Perry sesquicentennial, Erie, Pa
cover for the Perry sesquicentennial, Erie, Pa

The further the Battle of Lake Erie recedes into history, the more is posterity inclined to measure Perry’s greatness in the light of his preparatory work rather than that of the battle alone. Eaton says, “The chief fact which stands out boldly in relief in the victory won by Perry is his creation and formation of a fleet with resources ludicrously inadequate.”

As this view grows so grows the importance of the part Erie played in the battle and subsequently in the winning of the Northwest.

Observing the Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Building of the Fleet should awaken within our hearts a deeper appreciation for the liberty and human dignity we enjoy today. Let it be remembered that our forebears fought the War of 1812 to reassert before the world our rights to the freedom so dearly bought little more than a generation before.

The ensuing 150 years of unguarded borders between us and Canada stand unequalled as a monument to that peace and tranquility which eludes so much of the world today.

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