History of the town of Warwick, Massachusetts

A history of the town of Warwick, Massachusetts, from its earliest settlement to 1854. This history also lists prominent citizens (doctors, selectmen, etc). There are also birth, marriage, and death information taken from diaries of contemporaries, from the early to mid-19th century.

Digital Copy of History of the town of Warwick, Massachusetts

Table of Contents

  • History of Warwick, Mass. up to 1854, by Jonathan Blake, p. 9
    • Plan of the Interior of the Unitarian Church showing seating, between 116-117
  • Continuation of the History of Warwick, from 1854 to 1872, p. 125
    • The Rebellion of 1861-1865, p. 144
    • The Soldiers Monument, p. 146
    • Agriculture, p. 149
    • Cattle-Shows and Fairs, p. 150
    • Manufactures, p. 151
    • The Warwick Light Infantry, p. 153
    • The Cornet Band, p. 154
    • Schools, p. 156
  • History of Warwick Churches, p. 157
  • The First Congregational (now Unitarian) Church, p. 157
  • The Congregational Church (Orthodox), p. 163
  • The Baptist Church in Warwick, p. 165
  • Universalist, Episcopalian, and Spiritualism, p. 168
  • The Great Hail-Storm, p. 170
  • Appendix, Poems by Hon. Jonathan Blake, p. 175
  • Early Landowners of Warwick, p. 184
  • The War of 1812-14
  • Civil War Soldiers, p. 189
  • Lists of Town Officers, p. 192
  • Residents of Warwick over 70 Years of Age, p. 198
  • Record of Marriages and Intentions of Marriage from the Diary of Jona. Blake, Jun., p. 206
  • Record of Deaths in Warwick from the Diary of Jona. Blake, Jun., p. 214
  • Record of Deaths in Warwick, 1841-1872, from the Diary of Dea. Henry Barber, p. 221
  • List of Names of the owners or occupiers of houses in Warwick in 1798, p. 228


Jonathan Blake. History of the Town of Warwick, Massachusetts: from its First Settlement to 1854. Boston, MA, USA: Noyes, Holmes, & Co., 1873.


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