Descendants of Thomas Tobey of Sandwich, MA

The earliest record of a Toby or Tobey in our American annals is that of one Francis of Boston, who was in court on July 7, 1635.

The first known and credited ancestor of this family was Thomas Tobey, of Scituate, Mass. He removed to Sandwich, Mass., and was a member of church there in 1694. He married at Sandwich Nov. 18, 1650, Martha Knott, daughter of George Knott, deceased. Their children were:

  1. Thomas, born Dec. 8, 1651
  2. Samuel, and perhaps others

Samuel Tobey, son of Thomas, died Sept. 22, 1737. His wife’s name was Abia, and their children were:

  1. Joanna, born May 22, 1697, who married Benjamin Spooner, of Dartmouth, Nov. 29, 1716
  2. Cornelius, born Sept. 12, 1699
  3. Tabitha, born Nov. 9, 1701, who married May 9, 1726, Joseph Freeman
  4. Zaccheus, born Jan. 14, 1703-04
  5. Ruth, born Sept. 8, 1706
  6. Jonathan, born May 13, 1709
  7. Eliakim, born Oct. 19, 1711
  8. Samuel, born May 8, 1715
  9. Thomas, born Aug. 14, 1720
  10. Elisha, born 1723

Jonathan Tobey, son of Samuel, born May 13, 1709, married Dec. 7, 1732, Abigail Lewis. His descendants, as well as those of Zaccheus (who married Sarah Pope), are found in Dartmouth.

Jonathan Tobey, Jr., son of Jonathan, born in 1740, married in Dartmouth Dec. 28, 1777, Love White, of Freetown. Their children were:

  1. John, born Aug. 31, 1778, married (intentions published) Aug. 10, 1804, Fanny Rounseville
  2. Capt. Silas, born Aug. 31, 1781, died at Hudson, N. Y., March 17, 1816
  3. Molly, born Aug. 12, 1783, died July 11, 1785
  4. Sally, born June 26, 1785, married (intentions published) April 29, 1809, Salisbury Sherman
  5. Jonathan, born July 12, 1787, married (intentions published in Rochester) Nov. 9, 1810, Hannah Sears
  6. Merchant, born April 3, 1791, married Hannah
  7. William Isaac, born July 6, 1793, married Ruby
  8. Cornelius was born May 26, 1796
  9. Leonard, born Jan. 6, 1799, died unmarried
  10. Love Merchant, born April 28, 1801, married (intentions published in Rochester) April 9, 1821, Jesse Sears
  11. Abisha Hurford was born Sept. 5, 1804
  12. Jonathan Tobey, Jr., the father, died Aug. 16, 1816.

Jonathan Tobey, son of Jonathan, Jr., and Love (White), born July 12, 1787, married (intentions published) Nov. 9, 1810, Hannah Sears, daughter of Nathaniel and Hannah (Keene) Sears, of Rochester. Their children were:

  1. Hannah
  2. Jane Frances (married Samuel Ivers)
  3. Emeline
  4. Laura
  5. Alice
  6. Elizabeth
  7. Leonard
  8. William
  9. Stephen
  10. Frank

Representative Men and Old Families of Southeastern Massachusetts: containing historical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and genealogical records of many of the old families. 3 Volumes. Beers & Chicago. 1912.

5 thoughts on “Descendants of Thomas Tobey of Sandwich, MA”

  1. Hello my name is Sarah Tobey . Don Tobey was my grandfather and Warren Tobey was my father he told me a little about Thomas Tobey but would love to learn what his life was like before he came to Mass.

  2. Dear Corrine,
    My name is Cheryl Tobey-Kelly. My great grandfather was Cyrus Amaziah Tobey. He was born in 1854, Caton, NY and died in 1934. He was buried in FreeSoil, MI. I have recently been looking through information my Aunt sent to my father in 1984. It will take some studying for me to understand all of it. I have read that Thomas Tobey was born in Wales about 1620 and then settled in Sandwich, Mass. in 1640. There is so much more information here. Hopefully, I can share it with you sometime.
    Cheryl Tobey-Kelly

  3. Hello, I have been researching for a contact , who is willing to share what information you have about my Tobey Ancestors. I know they came from England; however where in England did they come from? What other family surnames left England and where did these families live , when they came to America. Some of these families lived in Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts. I know there is a list of Ten Men from Saugus, I do not know their family surnames and how they are related at all. Some of my Tobey ancestors stayed in Massachusetts and others lived in Michigan. Who has information about the pioneers who lived in Sandwich and several residents were willing to live in that area where they were buried in that location? My fathers name was Perry Kenneth Tobey and he was the oldest child of his parents second marriage. They were living in Central Lake, Antrim, Michigan where my dad was b. July 26, 1914 and their were other Tobey family names who lived in that area. My fathers parents names were Cyrus Philip Tobey and Carrie Maude McPherson. Corrine Tobey Supernor

  4. Dear Corrine,
    My name is Jan. I am also researching the Tobey family. My grandmother was Zeita Tobey of Ontario, Canada. I would enjoy being in touch with you.

  5. Corrine Supernor

    Hello, My name is Corrine, and I enjoy doing my Tobey Family Genealogy. This List of names are my ancestors. I have been searching for other relatives , who are doing their family genealogy. May you have a Blessed day. Thank You.

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