Carlisle Massachusetts Births – S Surnames

SANDERSON (see also Saunderson),

Adaline Matilda, d. William and Hannah, at Townsend, Nov. 14, 1813.
Cyntha Watson, d. William and Hannah, Aug. 30, 1807.
Hannah Persons, d. William and Hannah, Feb. 3, 1821.
Lydia Munroe, d. William and Hannah, July 31, 1811.
Sarah Farrar-, d. William and Hannah, June 29, 1809.

SAUNDERSON (see also Sanderson),

Abagail Henry, d. William and Hannah, Apr. 12, 1819.
Mary Dudley, d. William and Hannah, Nov. 22, 1805.


Augustus Varnum, s. Ebenezer, jr. and Lucy, Oct. 18, 1810.


Mary Elizabeth, d. Artimas and Mary, May 2, 1825.

SPALDING (see also Spaulding),

Cleora, d. Zebulun, jr. and Dorcas, Jan. 13, 1809.
Dorcas, d. twin, Zebulon, jr. and Dorcas, Mar. 8, 1815.
Zebulun, 3d, s. twin, Zebulun, jr. and Dorcas, Mar. 8, 1815.

SPAULDING (see also Spalding),

Amos, s. Zebulun and Mary, Nov. 30, 178[torn; bet. 1785 and 1790].
Anna, d. William and Lucy, at Chelmsford, Mar. 2, 1780.
Arelin, d. Zebulun and Mary, Nov. 28, 1792.
Clarissa, d. Zebulon, jr. and Dorcas, Aug. 29, 1810.
Esther, d. Zebulun and Mary, at Chelmsford, Apr. 7, 17 74.
Esther, d. Thomas and Prudence, Sept. 3, 1799.
Hannah, d. Zebulun and Mary, Oct. 26, 1790.
Huldah, d. Zebulun and Mary, at Chelmsford, June 21, 1777.
Imla, s. Zebulun, jr. and Dorcas, June 22, 1818.
Jonas, s. Jonas and Molly, Feb. 28, 1795.
Judath, d. Jonas and Molly, Apr. 25, 1792.
Judath, d. Jonas and Molly, Nov. 6, 1796.
Loes, d. William and Lucy, Oct. 3, 1783.
Lucy, d. William and Lucy, July 14, 1781.
Lucy, d. William and Lucy, Dec. 3, 1792.
Lucy Ann, d. Oliver, laborer, and Lucy, Oct. 31, 1845.
Mary, d. Zebulun and Mary, at Chelmsford, Sept. 21, 1772.
Mary Amanda, d. Zebulun, jr. and Dorcas, Apr. 3, 1807.
Mary Jane, d. Oliver and Lucy, Mar. 4, 1841.
Molly, d. Jonas and Molly, July 21, 1790.
Rebecca, d. Thomas and Prudence, Mar. 11, 1795.
Ruth, d. Zebulun and Mary, Aug. 25, 1783.
Samuel, s. Oliver, laborer, and Lucy, May 3, 1848.
Sarah, d. Zebulun and Mary, Sept. 10, 1785.
Sarah, d. Jonas and Molly, June 15, 1799.
Solomon, s. Zebulun and Mary, Apr. 15, 1781.
Solomon Parker, s. Zebulon, jr. and Dorcas, Sept. 13, 1812.
Thomas, s. Zebulun and Mary, at Chelmsford, Dec. 27, 1775.
Thomas, s. Thomas and Prudence, July 11, 1797.
William, s. William and Lucy, Jan. 14, 1788.
William, s. William and Lucy, Feb. 20, 1797.
William, s. Oliver and Lucy, Dec. 31, 1839.
Zebulun, s. Zebulun and Mary, at Chelmsford, Oct. 30, 1779.


d. Otis, laborer, and Ester Spaulding, June 24, 1844.


Charles Andrews, s. Samuel P., farmer, and Elizebeth B., May 19, 1847.


Varnum Boyton, s. Varnum Boyton, and Elvira, May 25, 1848.


Arther Lawrannce, s. Lucius, merchant, July 29, 1849.


William, s. Reuben and Nancy Curtis, , 1832. G. R. 2.

Birth Records,

Town of Carlisle. Vital records of Carlisle, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. The Essex Institute, 1918.

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