Carlisle Massachusetts Births – J Surnames


Easther, d. Jacob and Mable, Aug. 30, 1802.
Hannah, d. John and Mable, Nov. 26, 1789.
John [h. Mabel], at Scituate, Sept. 22, 1759.
John, s. John and Mable, May 27, 1796.
Lucinda, d. John and Mable, July 9, 1785.
Lydia, d. John and Mable, Dec. 31, 1786.
Mable, d. John and Mable, June 28, 1792.
Maria Antoinett, d. John, jr. and Maria, Sept. 16, 1825.
Martin, s. John and Mable, Apr. 29, 1800.
Mary, d. John and Mable, Apr. 18, 1794.
Ruth, d. John and Mable, May 20, 1798.
Ward, s. John and Mable, Sept. 14, 1806.

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Birth Records,

Town of Carlisle. Vital records of Carlisle, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. The Essex Institute, 1918.

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