Narraguagus Valley Some Account of its Early Settlement and Settlers

Wakefield Genealogy of Narraguagus Valley Maine

Samuel Wakefield and his wife Mary Burbank, came from Kennebunk in 1756 or 57, and settled at the head of the bay on the lot now comprising a considerable part of Steuben village. After the death of his first wife, Mr. Wakefield m. a widow Small, and their children were James, Myriam and Daniel. Issue:

  1. Samuel Wakefield, Jr., m. Anna Cox. Their children:
    1. Cyrus Wakefield.
    2. Drusilla Wakefield.
    3. Dudley Wakefield.
    4. Elisha Wakefield.
    5. Lovisa Wakefield.
    6. Lovina Wakefield.
    7. Asa B. Wakefield.
    8. Elias Wakefield.
  2. Lydia Wakefield m. Ichabod Godfrey. Their children:
    1. Nathan Godfrey m. Lydia Leighton.
    2. Benjamin Godfrey m. Anna Leighton.
    3. Otis S. Godfrey m. Sally Nickels.
    4. Ruth Godfrey m. Eben Wood.
    5. Hannah Godfrey m. ____ Salter.
    6. Wilson Godfrey m. Joan Handy.
    7. Samuel Godfrey m. Martha Nickels.
    8. John B. Godfrey.
    9. Mary D. Godfrey m. Ethan Elliot.
  3. Ruth Wakefield m. Capt. Perkins of Kennebunk.
  4. Benjamin Wakefield m. Polly Dorman. Their children were:
    1. Syrena Wakefield m. Benj. Small, 2d, Joel Farnsworth.
    2. Sabina Wakefield m. J. D. Parker.
    3. Hannah Wakefield m. J. T. Watts.
    4. Amasa Wakefield m. Jane Dyer.
    5. Lewis Wakefield m. Abigail Watts.
    6. Matild Wakefielda m. Samuel Moore.
    7. Elbridge G. Wakefield m. Clarissa Allen.
    8. Mary Wakefield m. Dean S. Robinson.
    9. Ambrose C. Wakefield m. Elizabeth Campbell.
    10. George W. Wakefield m. Susan Campbell.
    11. Hulda Wakefield m. Jotham S. Whitney.
  5. Phebe Wakefield m. ____ Kingsley. Children:
    1. John Kingsley.
    2. James Kingsley.
    3. Ruth Kingsley.
    4. Lucas Kingsley.
    5. Samuel Kingsley.
  6. Hannah Wakefield m. Nathan Cleaves from Kennebunk. Their children
    1. Joshua Cleaves.
    2. Hannah Cleaves.
    3. Oliver Cleaves.
    4. Samuel W. Cleaves.
  7. Sally Wakefield m. Wheeler Tracy.
  8. James Wakefield m. Priscilla Small. Children:
    1. Hannah Wakefield.
    2. Sally Wakefield.
    3. Nathan Wakefield.
    4. James A. Wakefield.
    5. Thirza Wakefield.
    6. Levi Wakefield.
    7. Lorinda Wakefield.
    8. Myriam Wakefield.
  9. Myriam m. Winslow Gallison. Children:
    1. John Gallison.
    2. Abigail Gallison.
    3. Louisa Gallison.
    4. Henry Gallison.
    5. Caroline Gallison.
    6. Winslow Gallison.
    7. James Gallison.
    8. Mary Ann Gallison.
  10. Daniel Wakefield m. Priscilla ____, from Lubec. Children:
    1. Jane Wakefield.
    2. Gleason Wakefield.
    3. Samuel Wakefield.

Milliken, J. A. The Narraguagus Valley: some account of its early settlement and settlers. Covers towns of Steuben, Milbridge, Harrington and Cherryfield. Machias, Maine: 1886; reprinted A. J. Huston, Portland, Maine, 1910.

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