Historical Sketches of Bluehill Maine

Stover Genealogy of Blue Hill, Maine

The next house to that of Zelotes Clough was of two stories, with a square roof, owned and built by Jeremiah Stover. He was born in Penobscot Dec. 5, 1770; came to Blue Hill a young man, built the house referred to before 1800. He married, Dec. 16, 1793, Abigail Devereux. She was born Nov. 11, 1770, and died Jan. 8, 1854, in her eighty-fourth year. Her husband died March 16, 1824, in his fifth-fourth year. He was a farmer and tanner and currier. The family consisted of nine children, as follows:

  1. Lois Hibbert Stover, born April 20, 1794; died June 19, 1837.
  2. Abigail Stover, born May 24, 1796; married Moses Pillsbury.
  3. Jonathan Stover, born Oct. 15, 1798; died Jan. 27, 1872.
  4. Hannah Stover, born March 15, 1801; married Capt. Joshua Norton.
  5. Newton Stover, born Aug. 23, 1803; married Lois Dodge, of Sedgwick. The Newton Stover House and place was built by Newton Stover, the son of Jeremiah, Sr., about 1831, and was originally plastered upon the outside instead of being clapboarded, but finding in after years that plaster did not stand the climate well, it was clapboarded over.Newton Stover’s wife was a daughter of “Deputy” Dodge, of Sedgwick, whom he married in 1831. They resided in this house ten or more years, and then removed to Sedgwick village, where Mr. Stover continued to reside until his death at an advanced age. Mr. Stover was a member of the Baptist church, as were all the Stover’s of that family, and essentially a religious man. He was the writer’s teacher in the Sunday school held in the schoolhouse at the Tide Mills, and the writer can testify to his earnestness and zeal in that work. The tones of his voice, the expression of his face and the earnestness with which he applied the scripture lessons in his teachings, rise up in the mind of the writer, as proof of what he aimed to do for his class.
    1. Almira Emily Stover, born March 11, 1832.
  6. Jeremiah Stover, born April 9, 1806; married Louisa Lord. See further.
  7. Lydia Stover, born July 16, 1808; married Herrick Allen.
  8. Cynthia Stover, born March 22, 1811; died Oct. 16, 1812.
  9. Martha Luther Stover, born Oct. 23, 1814; married Elvira Hopkins.

Jeremiah Stover, head of this family, died, and the house and place continued to be occupied by his widow and son Jeremiah, he succeeding to his father’s business of farmer and tanner.

Jeremiah Stover, Jr. Family Genealogy

Jeremiah, Jr. Stover, pulled down the old house and erected upon its site, about 1840, the house now standing. Mr. Stover was not a first-class currier, his leather losing in snow water its color and turning gray, which led Robert Robertson, Sr., to call it “Jerry’s tripe”. Before his death he gave up that branch of business, and devoted himself to farming. The farm was upon the west side of the road between Asa Clough and John Clough, and not of large dimensions. The family of Jeremiah Stover, Jr., consisted of nine children, as follows:

  1. Jonathan Stover, born Nov. 25, 1834; died Dec. 1857.
  2. Sarah Eliza Stover, born Oct. 28, 1836; died Jan. 7, 1860.
  3. Albion Paris Stover, born April 8, 1840; died March 7, 1860.
  4. Harlan Page Stover, born April 8, 1840.
  5. Newton Stover, born April 8, 1842.
  6. George Gilbert Stover, born Dec. 6, 1847.
  7. Byron Varnura Stover, born April 15, 1849.
  8. Frank Wellington Stover, born March 3, 1850.
  9. Ida M. Stover, born Dec. 20, 1855.

Jeremiah Stover died Jan. 14, 1882, aged seventy-six years, and his wife, Louisa Lord, died Nov. 16, 1866. The house and place are still owned and occupied by members of the Stover family.

Isaac Stover Family Genealogy

Isaac Stover was a native of Penobscot, born about 1800, married Hannah Door, and had, according to the Blue Hill records, the following children:

  1. Melinda Stover, born Sept. 25, 1822; married Joshua Parker Candage.
  2. Lydia Stover, born Nov. 25, 1824; died May 31, 1849.
  3. Jonathan Stover, born May 27, 1827; married Eliza Ann Grindie.
  4. Rufus Stover, born Sept. 9, 1829; married Selvina I. Gott, of Brooksville.
  5. Hannah Stover, born July 10, 1831.
  6. George Emery Stover, born May 6, 1834; married Nancy M. Lufkin, of Sedgwick.
  7. Sewell Watson Stover, born Feb. 20, 1836; died Jan. 17, 1861.
  8. Sarah Susan Stover, born
  9. Sarah Susan Stover, born June 25, 1839; died July 23, 1864.
  10. Maria Theresa Stover, born Jan. 22, 1842; married Seth K. Chase.

Isaac Stover died March 15, 1875; the death of his wife is not noted. The house and place are still owned by members of the family.

Candage, R. A. F. Historical Sketches of Blue Hill, Maine. Ellsworth, Maine: Hancock County Publishing Company, Printers. 1905.

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