Title page to the Aroostook War

Muster Roll of Captain Daniel W. Clark’s Company

Muster Roll of Captain Daniel W. Clark’s Company of Infantry, in the Detachment of drafted Militia of Maine, called into actual service by the State, for the protection of its Northeastern Frontier, from the sixth day of March, 1839, the time of its rendezvous at Calais, Maine to the fifth day of April, 1839, when discharged or mustered.


Daniel W. Clark


Nathan A. Swan


Moses McFarland

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Samuel Scammons
Asa Googins
Benjamin Smith
Ezra D. Reed


Isaac Smith
Philip Hodgkins
Elbridge G. Uran
Albert G. Berry


John S. Emery
Samuel Springer


Aldrich, Asa L.
Alley, Hiram
Ashley, Frederic
Bacon, Francis
Bartlett, David
Beane, William
Brown, James
Buckley, Franklin
Bunker, Benjamin J.
Bunker, Sewall
Butler Ambrose
Butler Ansel
Butler, Nathaniel R.
Clark, Ensign
Clark, John M.
Colson, Jonas
Coats, Thomas G.
Coolidge, Silas
Day, Edmond
Dyer, Asa
Dyer, Joel
Foss, Thomas
Gilley, William
Gilpatrick, Ignatius
Gordon, Joseph M.
Gordon, Paul S.
Googins, Thomas
Gott, James
Hardison, Sabin
Hardison, Stephen 2d
Hastings, Richard
Higgins, Adoniram
Higgins, Nehemiah
Howard Amos
King, James 2d
Lervey, Samuel, Jr.
Lopans, Abraham W.
Mayo, James
Moor, Isaiah
More, Eben P.
Morris, Benjamin
Norris, George
Norwood, Jonathan
Norwood, Samuel
Nutter, Lemuel
Perry, Darid
Richardson, Erastus
Richardson, Leander
Richardson, Joseph
Robinson, William
Sawyer, Benjamin
Scammons, Dudley
Springer, William
Springer, Samuel
Wentworth, John
Whitaker, Andrew
Whitaker, Oren
Williams, George
Young, Winthrop

Aroostook War,


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