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THE subject of our sketch, Dr. Edwin C. Baxter, is of A New England ancestry, born at Kenduskeag, ME., February 1, 1845. He is a son of Dr. Hiram C. Baxter, of Kenduskeag, a prominent physician, who, for nearly sixty years, has devoted himself to the practice of his profession. His grandfather, Dr. Elihu Baxter, also an eminent physician of Maine, was born in Norwich, VT., in 1781. He practiced his profession over sixty years, a considerable portion of the time in the city of Portland, where his character as a citizen and skill as a physician were unexcelled. His great-grand-father, Elihu Baxter, was born at Norwich, Conn., in 1749, and it may here be stated that the Baxters of this family line came to this country from Norwich, England, and with others probably from the same locality, settled the towns of Norwich, Conn., and Norwich, VT., naming the settlements in honor of their former home.

Dr. Edwin C. Baxter passed his earlier days amid rural scenes, enjoying out-of-door sports, fishing and hunting, which, with the healthful, invigorating surroundings, laid the foundation of a vigorous constitution, with which he is still blessed.

At a proper age, however, he began to turn his attention more closely to his studies, and after graduating from the high school, he began a course of medical instruction, which he abandoned for the study of dentistry, as being more congenial to his taste; a profession in which he was to find his true sphere of usefulness and distinction. In the study of dentistry he was favored with the best of instructors, his first preceptor being the late Dr. Edwin Parsons, an eminent dentist of Portland, ME. In order to secure greater advantages he went to Philadelphia and entered the Pennsylvania College of dental surgery, an institution widely known for its excellent and thorough methods of instruction. From this college he graduated in 1866, with high honors. His skill as an operator, and proficiency in the treatment of oral diseases, had attracted the attention of Dr. C. N. Pierce, professor of operative dentistry in the same institution, who at once engaged him as an assistant in his practice, his association and consequent experience there being of no little importance to him in subsequent years. At the end of the year he established himself in New York City, where he remained for a time, but was induced to return to Philadelphia, where he formed a partnership with his friend Prof. Pierce, under the firm name of Drs. Pierce & Baxter. This firm enjoyed an extensive practice among the better class of people of Philadelphia and vicinity.

Through the advice of the late S. S. White, of Philadelphia, publisher of the Dental Cosmos, he came to Albany and purchased the practice of the late Drs. R. & A. Nelson, whose office was located at No. 22 North Pearl street; from there he moved to No. 50 of the same street, where he remained until 1886, when he purchased his present residence. No. 160 State street, opposite Capitol park, a most desirable location, with very inviting surroundings. Here he enjoys one of the most extensive and finest practices in the State, his patients coming not only from Albany, but from all parts of the State. By careful investigation, close attention, and a genuine love for his chosen profession, he has well earned an exalted reputation, and deserves the high compliment paid him by the Pall Mall Gazette, in the following words:

“During the summer of 1879, a party of our citizens of London was on a visit to America. On their return from Niagara Falls to New York, they had occasion to stop over at Albany, which is the capital of the great State of New York. During their sojourn there, it was found necessary for some of the party to have some dentistry done. A celebrated Albany dentist, Dr. Edwin C. Baxter, was chosen for the work, which he did in the most skillful manner. His mode of treatment is very gentle, whilst his mechanical skill enables him to do his work quickly and to do it in the best possible manner. Dr. Baxter will compare very favorably with Dr. J. Fairbank, dentist to her majesty, the queen, and the royal family, and Dr. Thomas W. Evans, of Paris, who was dentist to Napoleon III, and the imperial family. Dr. Baxter graduated at the Pennsylvania College of dental surgery, in 1866, with the highest honors, and now stands at the head of the profession, as one of the best dentists in the world. He has worked faithfully to gain this point, and deserves the highest possible credit for the wonderful perfection he has attained in the art of dentistry. He, like Dr. Fairbank, and Dr. Evans, is gaining a world-wide reputation for the excellence of his work and the manner in which he does it. We heartily commend Dr. Edwin C. Baxter to all Englishmen visiting America who have occasion to call upon a dentist.”

To which “Faxon,” of the New York Commercial Advertiser, adds: “A higher or more deserved compliment than the above could not be devised.”

In 1873 Dr. Baxter married Miss Lydia Ryerson Sprague, of Brooklyn, Long Island. In 1885 he spent three months in foreign travel, visiting London, Paris, Switzerland, and other places of interest in Europe. He is refined in his tastes and feelings, and sociable and agreeable in his nature.



Noted living Albanians and state officials , A series of biographical sketches. 1891.

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