History of Victoria County Ontario

4th Peterborough Battalion

4th Peterborough (later 1st Victoria) Battalion O. C. Lt. Col. Edward Davidson 2nd-in-Command Major Francis Henderson Captains Wm. Cottingham Christopher Knowlson James Dunsford Mossom Boyd Lieutenants Chas. Hamilton Edward Davidson, Jr. Ensigns John Sullivan Charles Hartley Joseph Lee

Victoria County Soldier Dead

Adam, Charles, Private, Infantry, Lilidsay. Aidous, Thos. Grenville, Private, Infantry, Fenelon Falls. Alldred, Wilbert Phillip, Lance Corporal, Infantry, Bobcaygeon. Alien, J., Battalion Sergt. Major, Infantry, Lindsay. Allin, E. C., Lieutenant, Infantry, Lindsay. Alton, W. R., Private, Infantry, Victoria Road. Arscott, Thos. Albert, Private, Infantry, Bobcaygeon. Akester, Geo. Wilbert, Private, Infantry, Fenelon Falls. Anderson, Wm. Kay, …

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6th Peterborough Battalion

6th Peterborough (later 3rd Victoria) Battalion O. C. Lit. Col. Samuel Davidson 2nd-in-Command-Major Hector McDonald Jr. Major-Major Elridge R. Irish Captains Andrew McPherson William Webster Wm. McCready James McPherson Israel Ferguson John R. Lytle W. Davidson James Worsley Donald Campbell John Wylie Matthew Emmerson Lieutenants John Haight Neil Smith Edward Mather Hugh McFadyen Wm. Foster …

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5th Regiment of Durham Militia

5th Regiment of Durham Militia, Personnel of the Regimental Staff O. C. Lt. Col. A. S. Fraser 2nd-in-Command Major Jas. Wallace Captains Thomas Need John Langton Robert Dennistoun Duncan Cameron Jacob Ham James Dunsford Mossom Boyd Samuel Davidson Hector McDonald Gavin Hamilton Lieutenants George Toker Hartley Dunsford Israel Ferguson Geo. Hamilton Dundas Edward Atthill Benjamin …

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History of Victoria County Ontario

The Victoria County, Ontario Canada Centennial History written by Watson Kirkconnell in 1921 provides a vivid look into the details of pioneer life in the Victoria County area of Ontario. The data extracted from that manuscript which contains genealogical value has been presented here. It consists of military history and records for Victoria County and …

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4th Regiment of Durham Militia

Personnel of the Regimental Staffs was as follows: 4th Regiment of Durham Militia O. C. Lieut. Colonel John Logie 2nd-in-Command Charles Ruttan Captains Edward Davidson Francis Henderson Wm. Cottingham Christopher Knowlson Josias L. Hughes Thomas Rea, Sr. Angus McDonald Jesse Purdy Lieutenants Samuel Cottingham Cheeseman Moe Alex. Logie Richard Hughes Thomas Sowden Isaac Rea Gerald …

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5th Peterborough Battalion

5th Peterborough (later 2nd Victoria) Battalion O. C. Lt. Col. A. S. Fraser Captains Alex. Logie John Graham Thomas Keenan Wm. McDonell Thomas Rea Lieutenants Isaac Rea Roger McHugh G. M. Roche James Graham John Pyne Ensigns James Maloney Martin Hogan Charles Logie G. D. Brock Horatio Stephenson Thomas Pyne James Finnigan

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