Victoria County Soldier Dead

Adam, Charles, Private, Infantry, Lilidsay.
Aidous, Thos. Grenville, Private, Infantry, Fenelon Falls.
Alldred, Wilbert Phillip, Lance Corporal, Infantry, Bobcaygeon.
Alien, J., Battalion Sergt. Major, Infantry, Lindsay.
Allin, E. C., Lieutenant, Infantry, Lindsay.
Alton, W. R., Private, Infantry, Victoria Road.
Arscott, Thos. Albert, Private, Infantry, Bobcaygeon.
Akester, Geo. Wilbert, Private, Infantry, Fenelon Falls.
Anderson, Wm. Kay, Lieutenant, Infantry, Lindsay.
Andrews, Harry Wm., Private, Infantry, Lindsay.
Angiers, Patrick Herbert, Private, Infantry, Coboconk.
Arnold, Oliver, Private, Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Bailey, Joseph Paget (M.M.) Lieutenant, Infantry, Lindsay.
Bailey, W. E., Private, Infantry, Bexley.
Barge, Alfred Arthur, Private, Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Barjarow, Tracy, Private, Infantry, Coboconk.
Bateman, Russell Albert, Private, Infantry, Kirkfield.
Beecroft, Harvey, Private, Infantry, Fenelon Falls.
Bester, Robert, Private, Infantry, Omemee.
Bole, Clarence H., Private, Infantry, Woodville.
Boucher, William, Private, Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Boyd, Mossom Richard, Lieutenant, Infantry, Bobcaygeon.
Boyd, Thornton Brideman, Private, Infantry, Bobcaygeon.
Brady, Thos. Edw., Private, Forestry Corps, Lindsay.
Brimmell, Albert M., Private, Srvs., Little Britain.
Brooks, Edwin A., Private, Infantry, Bobcaygeon.
Brown, H., Private, Infantry, (C.M.R.) Omemee.
Budd, James John, Private, Infantry, Burnt River.
Byng, George, Private, Infantry, Bobcaygeon.
Cameron, Alexander, Private, Infantry, Lindsay.
Campbell, Alexander, A. L. Cpl., Infantry,
Cameron. Campbell, John, Corporal, Infantry, Woodville.
Campbell, M. Ross, Private, Infantry, Argyle.
Campbell, Russell A., Sapper, Field Engineers, Kirkfield.
Carew, Robert, Private, Infantry, Burnt River.
Chambers, Allister, Private, Infantry, Cambray.
Castle, George, Private, Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Clare, Stephen, Pte., Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Copp, Charles, Pte., Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Cornforth, Sydney Chas., Sergt., Infantry, Lindsay.
Cotey, Earle, Private, Infantry, Lindsay.
Cragg, Russell Alex., Private, Mounted Rifles, Lindsay.
Crarey, Russell, Private, Infantry, Kirkfield.
Cundal, Wm. Johnson, Corporal, Infantry, Cameron.
Cunnings, WilIiam, Private, Infantry, Oakwood.
Curtin, Patrick, Private, Infantry, Lindsay,
Cuthbert, Samuel, Private, Infantry, Lindsay.
Dark, Percy S., Private, Infantry, Lindsay.
Dawson, AIfred Simmonds, Pte., Infantry, Kinmount.
Dawson, Hector, Pte., Infantry, Kinmount.
Day, Richard James, Pte., Infantry, Norland.
Daynes, Duncan, Pte., Infantry, Eldon Stn.
Denison, Francis F., Pte., Infantry, Bobcaygeon.
Donaldson, Robt. John, Pte., Infantry, Fenelon Falls.
Elliott, Walter Waldron, Cpl., Infantry, Lindsay.
FauIkner, Roy., Infantry, Coboconk.
Ferguson, James Wesley, A. L. Cpl., Infantry, Valentia.
FitzgeraId, John James, Pte., Infantry, Head Lake.
Fortier, Nelson, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Foster, John, Pte., Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Freeman, Benjamin, Pte., Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Fry, Henry, Pte., Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Garbutt, S. E., Nursing Sister, Lindsay.
Gifford, Victor R., Driver, Engineers, Lindsay.
Gillies, Hector, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Gosselin, Alphonse, Pte., Infantry, Downeyville.
Gray, John Welford, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Grimstead, W. G., Pte., Infantry, Valentia.
Groves, Robert, Pte., Infantry, Burnt River.
Goldie, Eric., Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Glendenning, StanIey, Cadet, Air Force, Lindsay (Sunderland).
Gallagher, W. N., Lieut., Infantry, Omemee.
Hall, Arnold Rossiter, Pte., Srvs., Lindsay.
Hall, Geo. Carlton, Pte., Infantry, Cambray.
Halliday, Adam Sydney, Pte., Infantry, Fenelon Falls.
Hancock, Armour Ellington, Pte., Serv., Lindsay.
Harper, William, Sergeant, Infantry, Lindsay.
Hartwick, Herbert, Pte., Rly. Tps., Lindsay.
Hill, Joseph Leslie, Pte., Infantry, Bobcaygeon.
Hill, William Albert, Pte., Infantry, Bobcaygeon.
Holliday, Herbert Augustus, Gunner, Artillery, Coboconk.
Hopkins, Fred Holmes, Lieut. Col., Infantry, Lindsay.
Horton, T., Pte., Forestry Dept., Kinmount.
Houlihan, Cyril, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Howe, J. C., Infantry, Lindsay.
Hughes, Wesley, Pte.., Infantry, Burnt River.
Irwin, Norman, Corpl., Forestry, Lindsay.
Jackson, Edward, Private, Infantry, Lindsay.
Jackson, R. G., Private, Infantry, Lindsay.
Jeffers, Frank Alfred, Pte., Infantry, Little Britain.
Johnston, J. A., A. L. Cpl., Infantry, Bobcaygeon.
Johnson, Reginald, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Johnson, Martin, Pte., Infantry, Fenelon Falls.
Johnson, Willard, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Johnston, Wm. Russell, Pte., Infantry, Manilla.
Junkin, Irvine, Pte., Infantry, Bobcaygeon.
Junkin, Percy John Clayton, Pte., Infantry, Bobcaygeon.
Kent., Wm. Gordon, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
King, Henry Wm., Pte., Infantry, Head Lake.
Kinghorn, John, Pte., Infantry, Woodville.
Kirkconnell, Walter Allison, Captain, Infantry, Lindsay.
Kylie, Edward J., Captain, Infantry, Lindsay.
Kirton, Albert, Pte., Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Kirton, William, Pte., Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Knowlson, Glore, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Lanning, Percy, Pte., Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Leach, Albert Kenneth, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
LeBel, Joseph Francis., Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Lee, George Herbert, Pte., Infantry, Woodville
Lennie, Louis, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Lee, William Geo., Pte., Infantry, Woodville.
Liscombe, E. R., Pte., Infantry, Coboconk.
Lyle, Wilbert Mearl, Gunner, Artillery, Bobcaygeon.
Lyon, Edwin Percy, Pte., Infantry, Little Britain.
Lywood, Wm. John, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Mark, Robert Henry, Pte., Infantry, Cameron
Matthews, A. J., Captain, Infantry, Lindsay.
Metcalfe, Chas. Norman, Pte., Machine Gun, Fenelon Falls.
Miller, Charles, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Miller, Joseph John, Pte., Infantry, Kinmount.
Mills, Fred Harold, L. Cpl., Infantry, Omemee.
Mitchell, Thomas, Pte., Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Morrison, Wm. James, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Murray, Albert, Pte., Infantry, Valentia.
Murtha, James, Pte., Infantry, Downeyville.
Mitchell, Douglas, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
McDonald, Alexander, Pte., Infantry, Cambray.
McDonald, Kenneth, Pte., Infantry, Cambray.
McDonell, Edward, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
McDougall, Russell, A. L. Cpl., Infantry, Fenelon Falls.
McEachern, John, Pte., Infantry, Woodville.
McEachern, Malcolm, Pte., Infantry, Hartley.
McFadyen, Henry Lorne, Pte., Infantry, Hartley.
McGann, Joseph Patrick, L. Cpl., Infantry, Lindsay.
McGill, Ivan Elmer, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
McGinnis, Sidney, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
McGuire, James Patrick, Pte., Infantry, Kinmount,
McInnis, D., Pte., Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
McInnis, Chas. Howard, L. Cpl., Infantry, Lorneville.
McMillan, Wm., Pte., Infantry. Mariposa Tp.
McMurray, George, Pte., Infantry, Lorneville.
McNutt, Wm. Geo. Stanley, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
McKay, Robert, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Naismith, James, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Naylor, John Donby, Pte., Infantry, Cameron.
Newell, Alfred Charles, Pte., Mtd, Rifles, Lindsay.
Northey, Melville, Pte., Infantry, Bobcaygeon.
Owens, H. P., Pte., Infantry, Woodville.
Oxby, Wm. Edward, Pte., Infantry, Sadowa.
Padden, Herbert, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Parkes, Cleveland Adair, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Parkin, Whyt, Pte., Infantry, Norland.
Parks, Alvin Morse, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Patton, Neil Smith, Sergeant, Infantry, Cambray.
Peters, Wm. Claude, Pte., Infantry, Omemee.
Poast, Roy Irvine, Pte., Infantry, Omemee.
Pollitt, George, Pte., Infantry, Omemee.
Reeves, Robert, Pte., Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Robinson, Wm. Morris, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay,
Rogers, Garfield R., Gunner, Artillery, Mariposa Tp.
Rushton, Stanley, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Russell, Victor, Pte., Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Ryall, George, L. Cpl., Infantry, Little Britain.
Rooke, Edwin Marton, Sergeant, Artillery, Oakwood.
Scott, Alexander, Lieut., Infantry, Lindsay (Gelert).
Sandiland. James Thos., L. Cpl, Infantry, Lindsay.
Saville, George, Pte., Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Scott, Walter Henry, Prov. Sgt., Infantry, Lindsay.
Scott, John E., Pte., Infantry, Mariposa.
Selby, Thos. Ralph, Pte., Infantry, Bobcaygeon.
Shankland, John Wilfred, Pte., Infantry, Fenelon Falls.
Shaw, William, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Shea, J. E., Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Silverthorn, Howard Wesley, Pte., Infantry, Bolsover.
Stewart, Robert, Pte., Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Stinson, Chas. Howard, Pte., Infantry, Fenelon Falls.
Stinson, Wm. Norman, L. Cpl., Infantry, Lindsay.
Sumner, John C., Pte., Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Swardfager, Fred, Pte., Mounted Rifles, Lindsay.
Sutcliffe, Chas. E., Major, Infantry, Lindsay.
Swayze ,David, Flight Lieut., Air Force, Lindsay.
Swayze, Keith, Flight Lieut., Air Force, Lindsay.
Taggart, Gordon, Pte., Infantry, Cameron.
Tamlin, Melville Edgar, Pte., Infantry, Cambray.
Taylor, Wm. Edward, Pte., Infantry, Victoria Road.
Tough, Archie Russell, Pte., Infantry, Kirkfield.
Trevor, Foster, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Trevor, Ralph, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Trott, Joseph, Pte., Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Tripp, James Albert, Pte., Infantry, Bobcaygeon.
Truax, Charles Roy, Pte., Infantry, Coboconk.
.Truax, Peter, Driver, Artillery, Coboconk.
Vickery, Orville Wilson, L. Cpl., Infantry, Lindsay.
Watson, Murray, Pte., Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Weeks, Clare G., Lieut., (M.C.) Infantry, Lindsay.
Wheeler, Charles, Pte., Machine Gunner, Lindsay.
Whetter, Fred Freeman, Pte., Infantry, Woodville.
White, Joseph, Sergeant, Infantry, Lindsay.
Whitney, J. W., Pte., Infantry, Burnt River.
Williams, Arthur James, Major, Infantry, Lindsay.
Wilson, Robert T., Pte., Infantry, Mariposa Tp.
Winchester, John, Pte., Infantry, Lindsay.
Wright, J. M., Sapper, Ry. Co’y., Bobcaygeon.
Wilson, Bruce, A. .Flight Commander, Air Force, Lindsay.
Wilson, W. W., Lieut., Infantry, Lindsay.

Kirkconnell, Watson. Victoria County, Ontario Canada Centennial History. 1921.

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