Biographical Sketch of Miohakl Joseph McManus, Rev.

Rev. Miohakl Joseph McManus is pastor of St. Michael Archangel’s Church at Wheaton. Father MeManus had lived in America ten years and most of his work as a priest had been done in Kansas. A record of good deeds and capable service preceded him to Wheaton, and in this parish his good work had continued and had brought him high favor both with his own parishioners and non-Catholic people.

Father McManus was born in County Mayo, Ireland, May 4, 1881. As a boy he attended the national schools and obtained his classical education in Mount Melleray College, County Waterford, where he was graduated in 1902. He prepared for the priesthood in St. John’s Seminary at the City of Waterford, graduating in 1906.

He landed in New York October 26, 1907, and en route to the West he visited a friend at Cleveland a day and reached Kansas City, Missouri, October 29, 1907. Soon afterward, in order to acquaint himself with American manners of life, he entered the Cincinnati Seminary and was ordained a priest June 7, 1908. Father McManus said his first mass at St. Catherine’s Church in Cleveland. From July to November, 1908, he was assistant pastor to Father Kuhl in St. Mary’s Church in Kansas City, and was then connected with the Catholic Orphans Home at Leavenworth until July, 1910. His first regular pastorate was at St. Bridget’s in Marshall County, a community which he served most capably and faithfully until July, 1913. He was then pastor of St. Joseph’s Church at Waverly, Kansas, until he came to Wheaton in July, 1915, and took charge as pastor of St. Michael Archangel’s Church.

This church was established in 1888 and the church edifice was erected in that year. Father Meehan was the first pastor in charge and was succeeded by Father Harrigan. For a time the church was conducted as a mission. The parish extends on the south to Flush, on the east to Onega, on the west to Blaine parish and on the north to the Irish Creek parish. Father McManus is spiritual leader and adviser to 225 people in this parish.

Father McManus is a son of Michael and Catherine (Quinn) McManus, who still live at their old home in County Mayo, Ireland. His father had been a farmer there all his life.



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