Notes on the McCoy Family

Title:Notes on the McCoy family
Author:William H. McCoy
Publication date:1939
Publisher:Rutland, VT: The Tuttle Publishing Company, Inc.
Digitizing sponsor:Internet Archive
Contributor:Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
RepositoryInternet Archive
Notes on the McCoy Family
Notes on the McCoy Family

This is the first published record of the descendants of James McCoy, who came to America from the north of Ireland about 1735. It is based upon an outline of the family which William H. McCoy dictated to his niece, Minnie Brown Bruner of Franklin, Indiana, when he was nearly eighty years of age. His lifelong interest in family history, combined with his wide personal acquaintance with members of the family, made it possible for him to give facts about the descendants of the first James McCoy through seven generations. After his death, his daughter, Emma McCoy Hillis of Wichita, Kansas, made a copy of the notes for her own information.

Mr. McCoy’s original notes gave comparatively few dates. From her own knowledge of the family Mrs. Hillis has added a few, as well as a little information about the changes that have taken place since her father’s death. Data contained in a letter which Mr. McCoy wrote to one of his grandchildren in 1915 has also been included. The aim has been to present these genealogical notes substantially as they were left by Mr. McCoy.

James McCoy (1720-1802), of Scottish lineage, immigrated about 1735 from Ireland to Pennsylvania, and served with Capt. Hyte in Kentucky or Tennessee. He later returned to Pennsylvania, and married Anne Bruce (born 1725 in Leochel-Cushnie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland and a descendant of Robert the Bruce), settling at Brown’s Fort (now Brownsville), Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Descendants and relatives lived in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri and elsewhere. Includes McCoy, Brown, Christian, Huston, Little, Mccormick, Mull, Payne, Taggart and related families.


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