Henry Bronnenberg

Biography of William Butler Bronnenberg

WILLIAM BUTLER BRONNENBERG. Success has amply attended the efforts of William Butler Bronnenberg, who has devoted himself with diligence and energy to the farming business all his life, Few men in this community have surpassed or equaled him in his accomplishments in the field of agriculture, and he is representative of the best and most progressive class of farming men in the County and state today, Beginning with little or nothing, Mr. Bronnenberg is today the owner of something like 250 acres of the most fertile land in the County, which yields him richly and repays him goodly measure of prosperity for every shred of energy expended upon it.

Henry Bronnenberg
Henry Bronnenberg

Born on August 25, 1853, on the farm of his parents in Union Township, William Butler Bronnenberg is the son of Henry and Mariah (Forkner) Bronnenberg, whose sketch appears elsewhere, As a boy at home, he attended the district schools of Union Township, finishing his training in the Chesterfield schools. His father was a farmer, and the boy was early trained in the business for which he was destined, In young manhood he married and established a home of his own, Catherine Diltz becoming his bride, Two children were born to them,-Horace and Esther, both of whom are occupied with farming interests, The wife and mother died in young life, and in 184 Mr. Bronnenberg married a second time, choosing Sallie Butler, of English descent, who by a previous marriage to William Manger had one child,-Emerson, The latter is married to Hazel Hancock. and has two sons,-Harold and Ralph, Sallie Butler Bronnenberg is the daughter of Jacob and Rachael (Porter) Butler, who were natives of southern Ohio, and who never left that state, The father of Jacob Butler was a native son of Germany, as were also the parents of his wife, Rachael Porter, and all were people of the most sterling worth, well esteemed wherever they were known, and valuable additions to the communities wherein they located, To the second marriage of William Butler Bronnenberg one son was born,- Cecil Bronnenberg, now attending school at Anderson, Mr. Bronnenberg is actively engaged in farming, He is a Democrat in his political belief, active and prominent in local politics, and fraternally has membership in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, He is a member of the Spiritualists’ Association of Chesterfield.



Madison County IN,

Forkner, John. History of Madison County, Indiana: a narrative account of its historical progress, its people and its principal interests. Chicago: The Lewis publishing company, 1914.

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