Madison County IN

Biography of Harrison Rittenhouse Kincaid

HARRISON RITTENHOUSE KINCAID. – This well-known journalist of Oregon, the emanations of whose pen have appeared either originally or as selections in almost every newspaper of the state, is the eldest son of Thomas and Nancy Kincaid, pioneers of 1853, and was born in Madison county, Indiana, January 3, 1836. At the age of seventeen …

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Biography of Emmor Williams

EMMOR WILLIAMS. Among the highly respected citizens of Madison County who have returned to agricultural pursuits after many years spent in other lines of endeavor, Emmor Williams, of Adams Township, is a representative example, He has always been an industrious, energetic workman, making his own way in the world by well directed efforts, and has …

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Biography of Judge William W. Noland

Judge William W. Noland, Riverside’s well-known City Recorder and the impartial Judge of her municipal court, was born in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana, June 25, 1825. He is a descendant of representative Southern families. His father, Brazelton Noland, was a native of Kentucky. He was one of the earliest pioneers of Madison County, Indiana, locating …

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Biography of Edward C. Handy

EDWARD C. HANDY. As treasurer and general manager of the Indiana Ice & Dairy Company at Anderson, Mr. Handy has the practical control of one of this city’s most servicable industries. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that milk and cream together furnish fifteen percent of the total food of the average American family, …

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