William Laughead

David and Margaret Mitchell: Second Generation

James Laughead

6. Laughead, James (1) ; born 1787 in Kentucky, married in Ohio, Mrs. Anna Morton, a widow, and lived most of his life in Logan Co., O., where he died at a good old age; His remains lie in a graveyard near Huntsville of that County. No children.

7. Laughead, David Mitchell (1); born Feb. 7, 1789, married Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Kyle, who was neighbor to his father’s family in Kentucky, and moved north in 1804, or shortly afterward. Seceder ; farmer ; abolitionist ; was in the war of 1812.


I. 43 Isaac N.;
II. 44 David;
III. 45 Joseph K.;
IV. 46 James;
V. 47 William C.;
VI. 48 Samuel;
VII. 49 Thomas S.;
VIII. 50 Henry;.

William Laughead

William Laughead
William Laughead

8. Laughead, William (1) b. about 1 , 92 ; m. Sept. 20, 1820, Martha dau. of Robert and Elizabeth (McCorkle) Jackson, who had moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio with parents. The latter came first, to Jefferson County in 1799, and then to. Clark’s run, O., in 1814, for the purpose of seeking better church privileges and a better farm.

Mr. Laughead shortly after his marriage moved to Logan Co., O. His wife died in 1834 and is buried near Huntsville. In 1868, he, with his family moved to Norwood, Mercer Co., Ill., where he died, Dec. 15, 1872.

Seceders, United Presbyterians. he was an elder in the U. P. church. Farmer.

I. 56 Elizabeth;
II. 57 Emaline ;
III. 58 Martha,
IV. 59 Lucilla ;
V. 60 Robert J.;
VI. 61 David;
VII. 62 Margaret J.

Elenora Laughead-Gillespie

9. Laughead-Gillespie, Elenora (1) ; b. about 1796 ; m. about 1821, Henry Gillespie. She died about 1814.

I. 63 Elizabeth;
II. 64 Hadassah;
III. 65 James;
IV 6 David;
V. 67 Henry;
VI. 68 William.

Sarah Laughead

10. Laughead, Sarah (1); b. Nov. 1, 1800; died Oct. 8, 1858.

Eliza Laughead-Bradfute

11. Laughead-Bradfute, Eliza (1) ; b. June 17, 1802. m. Dec. 11, 1828, John, son of John and Margaret (Gibson) Bradfute of the Clark’s run neighborhood, where they resided during their lives. Seceders. Mr. Bradfute was a carpenter and farmer. He died, Feb. 14, 1870, his wife having preceded him April 13, 1868.

I. 69 Elizabeth;
II. 70 John K.;
III. 71 Jane;
IV. 72 Ellen M.;
V. 73 Margaret;
VI. 74 Sarah A.

Matilda Laughead-Bain

12. Laughead-Bain, Matilda (1) ; b. about 1804, in Kentucky ; died near Huntsville, Ohio, about 1866, m. Ebnezer Bain about 1826. United Presbyterian. Had children who are believed to be in Colorado or Kansas.

Margaret Laughead-McFarland

13. Laughead-McFarland, Margaret (1) ; b. about 1806, in Greene Co., O.; died about 1836. Believed to have had a son and daughter who resided at Wapakoneta, O.

Margaret Mitchell-Espy-Torrence

14. Mitchell-Espy-Torrence, Margaret (2) ; b. Aug. 3, 1795, m. Oct. 29, 1814, Josiah, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Patterson) Espy. They lived about three miles south of Cedarville on the Federal road, on a farm where their children were born. They had a hospitable and happy home. They were Seceders and free soilers. Mr. Espy died Sept. 22, 1843. Margaret remained a widow, lived on the farm and cared for her family till about 1855, when she moved to Xenia. She married William Torrence in 1859, but death interposed and she was again widowed in about one year.

Children of Josiah and Margaret Espy are:
I. 75 Thomas P.;
II. 76 James M.;
III. 77 David;
IV. 78 Josiah;
V. 79 William;
VI. 80 Harvey A.;
VII. 81 John Y.;
VIII. 82 William;
IX. 83 Matthew H.;
X. 84 Elizabeth M.;
XI. 85 George A.;
XII. 86 Calvin;
XIII. 87 Isaac N.

David Mitchell

15. Mitchell, David (2) b. Sept 29, 1797, m. June 2, 1824, Mary, second dau. of Jeremiah Morrow, governor of Ohio. After marriage lived in Warren Co., O., on a farm which he owned near Twenty-Mile Stand. Farming was his vocation. He “never had any other except to do good: he ever made that his business to work righteousness.” The last two or three years of his life he lived in Maineville. He died of cholera, July 29, 1849. His first wife, Mary, died on the farm, Way 12, 1846. The remains of both lie in the old Sycamore grave yard.

His second marriage was to Lovey P. Knowlton, an excellent woman, who survived him about twenty years.

I. 88 Anna M.;
II. 89 Martha J.;
III. 90 Sarah R.
No issue by second marriage.

Eliza Mitchell-Winter

16. Mitchell-Winter, Eliza (2) ; b. Dec. 19, 1799, near Lexington, Ky. m. Oct. 11, 1824, Adam Winter. After marriage lived about three miles east of Xenia on Cedarville turnpike. She died Aug. 11, 1839. Mr. Winter died Dec. 19, 1848. Aged 50 years.

I. 91 Chapel L.;
II. 92 James M.;
III. 93 Martha, and
IV. 94 Mary (twins);
V. 95 Joseph C.;
VI. 96 Isaac N.;
VII. 97 Samuel W.;
VIII. 98 David E.;
IX. 99 John A.

Anna S. Mitchell-Jackson

17. Mitchell-Jackson, Anna S. (2) ; b. near Lexington, March 3, 1802. m. Oct. 3, 1824, David Jackson, a school teacher and afterward a farmer. He was the son of William and Jane Jackson. He was born in Carlisle, Pa., June 18, 1 795, and came to Greene County, O., with his parents when quite young. After marriage he lived on his father’s farm several years and then bought one on the North side of Massie’s creek about two miles north-west of Cedarville and near the Xenia pike. In September, 1853, they moved into Xenia. He was a strong Seceder, very earnest in ecclesiastical affairs as may be seen by reference to the published proceedings of the Associate synod. He was a correspondent for local newspapers. He was a delegate to the first convention that gave birth to the Republican party, 1856, in Pittsburgh. When young he desired to become a minister, but lack of means prevented him. He was a worker in all that was good. He died a very triumphant death in May 15, 1860. His Sabbath School class were his pall bearers. His wife, Anna, survived him till August 4, 1877. She was of gentle and loving disposition. For a number of years she was a great sufferer from rheumatism, but with it she was loth to complain or to make herself a burden to others. Her door was always open to her relatives and friends and the poor found her a kind helper.

Children :
I. 100 Jane;
II. 101 Martha;
III. 102 Margaret;
IV. 103 James C.;
V. 101 Anna and
VI. 105 Maria (twins);
VII. 106 Lavinia;
VIII. 107 Sarah;
IX. 108 Victoria;
X. 109 Ellen M.;
XI. 110 Emma E.

Maria Mitchell-Currie

18. Mitchell-Currie, Maria (2); b. near Lexington, June 2’7, 1803. m. April 19, 1832, James Currie, of Greene County, O. Shortly afterward the two moved to Washington, Iowa, where they lived the remainder of their lives.

Children :
I. 111 Elizabeth ;
II. 112 James II. ;
III. 113 William ;
IV. 114 George V.

James Espy Mitchell

19. Mitchell, James Espy (2) ; b. in Greene Co., O., May 27, 1805. in. about 1830, Eliza Ann, dau. of Alex. Foster, of Cedarville, where he resided till his death, sometime in the fifties. He was a merchant, also held the office of justice of the Peace.

Children :
I. 115 Mary E.;
II. 116 Martha;
III. 119 James A.
IV. 118 Alex. W.;
V. 119 Henry E.

Josiah Mitchell

20. Mitchell, Josiah (2); b. in Greene County, O., June 4, 1807. Died, unmarried, June 25, 1836, aged 29 years.

Martha Mitchell

21. Mitchell, Martha (2) ; b. in Greene Co., O., Aug. 28, 1809; died June 6, 1832, in the 22d year of her age. This was the first break in the family of thirteen children, all o£ whom grew to manhood and womanhood.

Thomas Mitchell

22. Mitchell, Thomas (2) ; b. in Greene Co., O., Aug.27, 1811. m. 1840, Jane Clendenin. He was a carpenter and in the pursuit of his vocation moved considerably the first years of his married life, living in Cincinnati; Greene and Warren Counties, Ohio. In 185’7, he went by boat with his family from Cincinnati to Platsmouth, Neb., where he lived the remainder of his clays. His wife passed on before him about 1862. His daughters kept house for him one after another till their marriage, then he lived with his daughter Mrs. David Miller. He was the longest-lived of the group of thirteen, and was hale, hearty and clear minded up to the time of his death, which occurred in June, 1900, and in his 89th year.

Children :-
I. 120 Cordelia;
II. 121 James;
III. 122 Martha;
IV. 123 Frances L.;
V. 124 Charles E.;
VI. 125 Cynthia;
VII. 126 George W.

Sarah Mitchell-Anderson

23. Mitchell-Anderson, Sarah (2); b. in Greene Co., O., July 2, 1813.m. Doctor Anderson, a physician, about 1835. Settled in Washington, Iowa; afterward in Illinois, where both died sometime in the fifties.

Robert Armstrong Mitchell

24. Mitchell, Robert Armstrong (2) ; b. at Clark’s run, August 29, 1815. Was named for and baptized by Rev. Robert Armstrong. m. Dec. 17, 1839, Margaret Ann (widow of John McLean), Campbell, of the Daniel Dean neighborhood, about two miles north of New Jasper, Greene Co., O. The first home of the young couple was a cabin on the west part of his father’s farm on the north bank of Clark’s run. In about five years they bought for a little cash and much credit the 100 acre place on the Old Federal road, about one mile east from its junction with the Xenia and Jamestown turnpike. This they sold in 183 and moved to the James Andrew farm, five miles north of Xenia, which they had purchased. Moved to Xenia in 189, where Margaret died November 21, 1861. By hard work and rigid economy, they succeeded in acquiring a moderate competence. Seceder and United Presbyterian. After removal to Nebraska he united with the Presbyterian church. In 1862, he again moved to his farm, and Aug. 12, of that year, married Mrs. Eliza J. Stipp, a very amiable woman, who died July 20, 1867. In the fall of 1868, he married Miss Wary Daugherty, a school teacher, who died Jan. 20, 1878. In February, 1880, he married Miss Martha A. Gaunt. About 1887, moved to Platsmouth, Neb., and died in Omaha, June 19, 1896, where his widow yet resides. The last decade of his life was much distressed by mental and physical suffering. Three years before his death he was stricken with paralysis, which made him entirely helpless. He was a strong abolitionist, republican. His remains were brought to Xenia, O., by his son, Harry, and interred in the family lot, Xenia cemetery.

Children by first marriage:
1. 127 James;
II. 128 Elizabeth J;
III. 129 Martha A.;
IV. 130 Hugh C.;
V. 131 Julia M.;
VI. 132 Arvilah M ;
VII. 133 Margaretta I.;
VIII. 134 Adah L.;
IX. 135 Katie Belle.

Children by second marriage :
X. 136 Harry L.
XI. 137 Carrie M. (twins);
XII. 138 Clara.

Francis Pringle Mitchell

25. Mitchell, Francis Pringle (2) ; h. May 27, 1818, at Clark’s run. m. 1841 Margaret Louisa, dau. of Andrew and Rachel (Murphy) Wright, who died in Iowa about 184:1. m. about 1846, Harriet Rebecca Seaman. They both died of cholera at New Orleans,-she on Aug. 18, 185, and he four days thereafter. In that fearful time, little attention was given to the proprieties of burial, so the bodies lie in two different cemeteries of that city, hers in Girod and his in another cemetery. Mrs. Shepard found the grave of her mother but not that of her father, when visiting New Orleans in February 1900. He was a physician and surgeon of ability, and practiced in Cedarville, O., Muscatine, Iowa, and points in the South. Children by first marriage : 139 Virginia; 140 Margaret L.; and by second marriage, 141 J. Inez.

Samuel Kyle Mitchell

26. Mitchell, Samuel Kyle (2) ; b. near Clark’s run, June 20, 1822. m. Nov. 29, 1842. Elizabeth Ann, dau. of Jacob and Ann McFarland, who lived at McFarland Mills, about two miles from Cedarville on the Xenia pike. Mrs. Mitchell’s mother was a daughter of William and Jane Jackson.

He died suddenly at his home, Feb. 20, 1904, the last of his generation in the line of descendants of David and Margaret Mitchell. He was anti-slavery and a strong prohibitionist. Of the latter part. He was once the nominee for congress.

At the earnest request of the writer, he furnished the brief sketch of his life given in the Appendix.

I. 142 James J.;
II. 143 Anna;
III. 144 William VT.

Margaret Small-Hamill

27. Small-Hamill, Margaret (3) ; b. near Lexington, about the year 1789, married about the year 1820, Joseph Hamill, of Greene Co., Ohio.

Children :
I. 145 Robert;
II. 146 John ;
III. 147 James;
IV. 148 Eveline;
V. 149 Joseph; and four others-daughters.

Elizabeth Small-Collier

28. Small-Collier, Elizabeth (3); m. Moses Collier and lived on farm not far from Goes station, Greene Co., Ohio.

I. 150 Caroline;
II. 151 Margaret;
III. 152 Clarissa; and five others, names unknown.

Susanna Small

29. Small, Susanna (3); b. 1793, near Lexington, Ky.; died Dec. 9, 1884. In her youth she lived quite awhile with her .grandparents, David and Margaret Mitchell, and from her came much of the information given by Mrs. Iliffe

Sarah Small

30. Small, Sarah (3); b. about 1795; died April 14, 1854.

Ruth Small-Moreland

31. Small-Moreland, Ruth (3) ; b. near Lexington, in 1797. m. in Greene Co., O., about 1819, Thomas, son of William and Jane (Meek) Moreland. They spent their lives in Greene County on a farm.

I. 153 David M.;
II. Margaret J.

James Small

32. Small, James 1(3) ; b. near Lexington, Nov. 13, 1799. m. Dec. 9, 1824, Sarah, dau. of Samuel and Alice Goe, Greene Co., Ohio. They were farmers and lived in Greene County till 1851, when they moved to Biggsville, III., about 18 miles west of Monmouth. Here he died, 1870, having lost his health during his service in the civil war (See No. 156). He was taken prisoner and paroled and soon afterward discharged. For a few years he served as postmaster and justice of the Peace. Associate and United Presbyterian ; Whig and Republican.

Children :-
I. 155 Elizabeth;
II. 156 Albert;
III. 157 Amanda;
IV. 158 Margaret;
V. 159 James;
VI. 160 Alice;
VII. 161 Sarah;
VIII. 162 Susan;
IX.163 Ruth.

Nancy Small-Winter

33. Small-Winter, Nancy (3) ; b. Nov. 7, 1801, in Scott Co., Ky. m. in 1821, John, son of Stephen and Mary Winter, in Greene Co., Ohio, removing from there to Crawford Co., Ill., with husband and family, and there died Sept. 4, 1874. United Presbyterian.

I. 164 James;
II. 165 Joseph;
III. 166 William C.;
IV. 167 Margaret L.;
V. 168 Mary A.;
VI. 169 Charles H.;
VII. 170 James H.;
VIII. 171 John C.:
IX. 172 David M.

Martha Small Adams

34. Small-Adams, Martha (3); b. near Lexington, Feb. 2, 1804. m. June 2, 1836, Jesse, son of Martin and Jane (Mathews) Adams and shortly afterward moved to a place, four miles from Hanover, now known as Swanville, Ind. They were prosperous farmers ; United Presbyterians and Republicans.

I. 173 Harriet J.;
II. 174 James C.;
III. 175 Margaret C.;
IV. 176 Wary A.

David Mitchell Small

35. Small, David Mitchell (3); b. in Greene Co., O., in April, 1806. m. Dec. 12, 1837, Mary Emiline, dau. of Andrew and Rachel Wright. (See 25.) Lived and died in Ohio. Farmer; Reformed Presbyterian; Whig-Republican.

Children :
I. 177 Margaret L. ;
II. 178 Andrew E. ; and four others who died in childhood; viz., James A., David M., John L. and Willie C. (See Nos. 892-895, Supplement).

Cuthbertson Smaill

36. Small, Cuthbertson (3), familiarly known as “Captain Small ;” b. Aug. 20, 1808, in Greene Co. O. His name shows that his parents would honor the name of the Covenanter minister, whose name was cherished in their old homes in Pennsylvania. Rev. Mr. Cuthbertson speaks of the Smells in his diary. A widow Small lived within four miles of Mr. C.’s place.

Cuthbertson headed a company of volunteers during the Mexican war and went with it to Cincinnati ; but Ohio’s quota being full, they were not accepted. The company then returned home to Greene County. He died April 1, 1891, unm.

Margaret Kyle-Turnbull

37. Kyle-Turnbull, Margaret (5); b. Oct. 26, 1802, near Lexington, Ky., on the Cane run farm. m. probably 1824, John, son of William and Elizabeth Turnbull in Greene Co., O., where they spent their lives on a farm. They were Seceders. She died July 4, 1854.

I. 179 James A.;
II. 180 Ruth;
III. 180a Elizabeth;
IV. 181 Samuel K;
V. 182 Margaret;
VI. 182 William;
VII. 183 Joseph S.;
VIII. 184 Alexander;
IX. 185 John;
X. 186 Thomas;
XI. 187 Rachel;
XII. 188 Robert C.

Catherine Kyle-Patterson

38. Kyle-Patterson, Catherine (5) ; b. Dec. 8, 1804, on the banks of Cane run, about five miles north of Lexington. m. in Greene, Co., first to Robert Currie, 1838, who died, and then to a Rev. Mr. Patterson, April, 1856. She died August 31, 1871, at Cedarville. United Presbyterian.

Elizabeth Kyle-Turnbull

39. Kyle-Turnbull, Elizabeth (5);b. Feb. 16, 1807, m. near Cedarville, O., Feb. 16, 1831, Thomas, son of William and Elizabeth Turnbull. They lived on a farm near Cedarville; were first Seceders, then Associate Reformed and afterward United Presbyterians. Her death occurred Feb. 8, 1885.

I. 189 Catherine;
II. 190 Isabel;
III. 191 Nancy;
IV. 192 Thomas H.

Joseph Kyle

40. Kyle, Joseph (5); b. near Cedarville, June 20, 1809. m. May 18, 1833, Anna, dau. of Alexander and Mary (Grey) Cassil, and resided near Cedarville on a farm. She died Sept. 30, 1840. On January 18, 1849, he married Mrs. Hadassah Hunter, dau. of John and Leah (Martin) Kennedy. She was by her first marriage the mother of the late Capt. Robert Hunter, of the 14th O. V. I.
He was a man greatly respected and honored. A tribute to his memory by his son, Joseph, is given in the Appendix. He died Aug. 28, 1881. His wife survived him until June 14, 1898.

Children by first marriage:-
I. 193 Mary;
II. 194 Ruth A.;
III. 195 Alexander;
IV. 196 Jane E.;
V. 197 Samuel A.
By second marriage:
VI. 198 Joseph;
VII. 199 Joan K.;
VIII. 200 Leah I.;
IV. 201 Rachel.

David Mitchell Kyle

41. Kyle, David Mitchell (5) ; b. near Cedarville, May 10, 1811. m. April 7, 1836, Eleanor, dau. of William and Lydia M. Collins, of near Clark’s run. He was a farmer and nurseryman, near Cedarville at first, and then in Xenia. Seceder and United Presbyterian ; Republican. He died July 10, 189’1 ; his widow survived till Feb. 20, 1899.

I. 202 Ruth;
II. 203 Lydia;
III. 204 Elizabeth;
IV. 205 Ellen;
V. 206 Mary J;
VI. 207 Samuel C.
VII. 208 William J. (twins).

Samuel Kyle Jr.

42. Kyle Jr., Samuel (5) ; b. Aug. 17, 1813, near Cedarville. m. Jane A., dau. of David and Jeanette Chalmers. Resided on farm near Cedarville. Associate Presbyterian, later Reformed Presbyterian (N. S.). He died March 25, 1847. His wife survived him several years.

I. 209 David;
II. 210 Margaret M.

Children by first marriage :
III. 139 Virginia;


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