Biography of Carl Odebrecht

Carl Odebrecht. Some of the finest farms in Illinois are to be found in Philo Township of Champaign County. This also means that some of the ablest exponents of the art of agriculture are in the same locality. One of the men who have been especially successful in transmitting the resources of the soil into material benefit is Carl Odebrecht, whose operations as a farmer are carried on in section 28 of that township.

His entire life has been spent in Champaign County. He was born in Raymond Township, August 20, 1877, and is a son of Charles and Sophie (Raver) Odebrecht. His parents were both born in Germany. His father arrived in America December 1, 1873, and for several years lived near Winchester, Ohio. In 1877 he came to Champaign County. He was at that time poor in purse though with experience and a steadfast ambition. Locating in Raymond Township, he lived there as a renter one year and for six years rented land in Philo Township. The slow accumulations of his industry then bore fruit in the purchase of eighty acres in section 28 of Philo Township. His prosperity has been steadily on the increase. He bought 120 acres more in the same locality, acquired forty acres in Ohio and finally forty acres in section 28 of Philo Township. The home farm has been brought under cultivation and has been put in a measure in a magnificent state of improvement. The good wife and mother died here October 20, 1910. She was the mother of three children: Erne, wife of Herbert Krumm, of Philo Township; Carl P.; and Albert J., also of Philo Township.

Carl F. Odebrecht attended the district schools and secured his education partly from books and partly from practical experience. He worked with his father until 1904, and then after his marriage began life independently by renting half of the homestead. Two years later be took charge of the entire home place of 200 acres and is now working it to profit and advantage. He is owner of 103 acres of the rich farm land of Putnam County, Ohio, and also has forty acres in section 28 of Philo Township.

Mr. Odebrecht was married February 24, 1904, to Miss Edith N. Porterfield, a daughter of Lemuel C. and Mary (Toy) Porterfield. Five children have been born to their marriage, and these constitute a happy household of young people, though the two oldest are now deceased. A record of the children is: Walter E., born September 11, 1907, and died September 18, 1909; Lyman C. born December 11, 1910, and died March 7, 1911; Helen K., born March 2, 1912; Melba Frances, born December 16, 1913; and Mary Agnes, born January 23, 1917.

Mr. Odebrecht is a Republican and he and his family are members of the Lutheran Church. His fellow citizens have called on him to act as road commissioner and also as drainage commissioner, and he has supported the public schools both privately and through his work as a school director.



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